The invention of Hugo Cabret

By: Brian Selznick


This is a book about a young boy. His father worked at a museum and worked til late at night. Before he would come home, he would work on a little mechanical man. One night Hugo's father did not come home. His father got locked in the building and some how a fire started, where Hugo's father died that night. Hugo walked by the museum the next day and found the little mechanical man his father had been working on. Hugo took the little man. Since Hugo's father died, he went and stayed with his "always drunken" uncle. One night his uncle didn't come home. Hugo always stole parts from a near by toy booth. One day he got caught and the old man running the booth took a journal he had (which was all he had left from his father) and made Hugo work, to get it back. Later on in the book, you find out that Hugo's drunk uncle died in a lake and you also find out that the old man was the one who made the little mechanical man.

Why someone should read the book?

You should read the book because it has really good connections and it really teaches you some life lessons!
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