LGBT Soldiers in America

Diana Chavez

View of American Homosexual and Trans soldiers

"Don't ask don't tell, " was a policy that was brought up in 1993. if a personal was open about their homosexuality they would receive a conduct. Many groups of people were happy when they took down this policy from the military but some still might want it back up or, keep the LGBT community in silence.


Some might think that ever since DADT was taken out was a bad option. Back when DADT was a policy Homosexuals weren't allowed to be open about their sexuality without receiving a conduct. Today there are still people who discriminate against trans and homosexual troopers
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There is over 134,000 Transgender veterans, and the service members risks their life for the nation. Currently DOD ( Department of Defense ) is the largest transgender employer in the U.S, and helps their members out. But these transgenders have to serve in silence if they are discovered. The only way Transgenders are allowed to enlist is to write up their real name and gender without any discrimination. A case in 2011 was surrounded on a Homosexual soldier called Bradley Manning or " Breanna " which made the media question whether or not to repeal a policy based on banning open homosexuality.

Views of the Citizens

  • Some citizens think that there is no reason to ban Homosexuals and Trans about their sexual orientation if the court just took down DADT ( Don't Ask Don't Tell.)
  • On the case of Bradley Manning. Choi a homosexual activist spoke about the truth that Bradley announced to all, but yet the case seemed to be against america about it's reputation.