Southwood School

October 2019

In This Edition

-October is Safety Awareness Month

-Learning Common News

-Absentee Policy

-End of Day Messages

-Note from Transportation

-Picture Day

-Costume Parade

-Activity Breaks

-Drive Away Hunger


-Steinbach Pistons Tickets

-Project 11 K-4 Wellness Program

-Roots of Empathy

-Help Keep Batteries out of Landfills

-Dates to Remember

October is Safety Awareness Month

The month of October targets a number of safety awareness areas. Southwood School will be recognizing International Walk-to-School Month with three morning walks. The morning walks will take place on October 3rd, 10th, 17th. Each day we will be starting from a new location and walking to school. Students are invited to join staff as they”walk to school”.

These morning walks are intended to promote traffic safety, physical activity, and promoting environmental issues. We will also be selling “walk-a-thon” t-shirts for $10 per t-shirt while supplies last. Proceeds from the sales will be used to purchase playground equipment. The iwalk dates and locations are as follows:

Iwalk#1 – Oct 3rd/leaving from Barkman Park Parking lot at 8:30 am

Iwalk#2 – Oct 10th/leaving from Hanover School Division Office at 8:30 am

Iwalk#3 – Oct 17th/leaving from Emmanuel Free Church Parking lot at 8:30 am.

Bus safety drills will be conducted with all students during the week of Bus Safety Week from October 21 to 24. Bus specific evacuation drills will be conducted for each student that takes the bus to school by their bus drivers during one of the bus runs in the month.

October is also Fire Safety Month. Students from grade one will be visiting and touring the local firehall and hear from some of our volunteer firefighters. On October 24, fire safety will be one of our special features during our school assembly at 2:00 p.m which will be followed by the "walk-a-thon" at 3:00pm. Parents are welcome to join.

Learning Common News

We are excitedly looking ahead and planning our Scholastic Book Fair which will take place in our school November 25-28th. Our Evening Family Event will be held on Thursday, November 28th, the same night as our Student Led Conferences.

This is a great opportunity to meet up with friends and neighbours, purchase new books and have a chance to win some prizes!

Mark your calendars and watch for more information to be sent home in November.

Absentee Policy

Please call the school by 9:00 am if your child is going to be absent. You may contact us in the following ways:

  • Submit attendance changes through Parent Portal

If we have not heard from the parent/guardian of an absent student, we will be calling the home and if needed work places to make sure the student is safe.

Thank you for you cooperation.

End of Day Messages...

Please call the school to relay after school messages to your student by 3:00pm if possible so that we can ensure the student message will be given in a timely manner.

Thank you for your


Note from Transportation

All urban bus routes are posted on the HSD website with times and maps. Any bus urban or rural that will be late due to weather or mechanical issues is listed on the HSD website in the bus delay area.

Please go to Go to drop down menu of Services/Transportation where you can choose:

1. School Bus Delay Bulletins where any bus that is late is posted with approximate delay.

2. STEINBACH URBAN BUS ROUTES - When you go to your school specific routes and click on the map icon you will see times as well as a map AM/PM displayed.

Thank you for checking these options before calling the Hanover School Division Transportation Department with your questions regarding bus delays and Steinbach urban bus route times and maps.

Picture Day

Picture day order forms were sent home with all students. Your photography program this year offers exciting online ordering capabilities.

For this prepay program, each student will receive a flyer and have the ability to view and order from all of these different looks online at

Orders can also be placed using the paper flyer which handed on photo day. Orders after October 2nd must be done online. Students may order up to 48 hours after Picture Day online.

The online site will open and be available to accept your order 2 weeks prior to the photo day. Be ready to bring your smiles on picture day! To place your order online, Log on to or Click the link below. and enter your Picture Id: QL919455Q0

For Tips on preparing for photo day visit

Questions call Lifetouch at 1-866-457-8212 or email:

The following is our picture day schedule for this year:

Tuesday, October 1st (a.m.)












Wednesday, Oct 2nd (a.m.)












Costume Parade

On October 31, Southwood students are once again invited to participate in our annual costume parade. On this day, students will be getting dressed during the second learning block (between 11:55 and 1:10 pm) in preparation for the costume parade.

The costume parade will begin just after 2 pm starting with the kindergarten students making their way through the various classrooms and through the gym. Parents who would like to observe the parade, are welcome to find a seat in our gym for this fun event. Parents are also reminded that students are not permitted to wear full masks or costumes that “scary” for young children. We thank you for your cooperation regarding this request.

Activity Breaks

Starting on September 30th, students will have the opportunity to join clubs put on by Southwood teachers. These activities will occur on the playground and inside the school during Activity Breaks. Students will sign up before a session starts if they so desire and will partake in the session for 4 weeks.

The clubs vary every day of the cycle and for morning and afternoon breaks. A variety of sessions such as coding, volleyball, beading, art and many others will be offered!

Drive away hunger

You can make a difference!

Southwood School is collecting non-perishable foods as a part of the Drive Away Hunger campaign. All food collected will be donated to South East Helping Hands. Food drive will take place from October 4-17. Thank you for your support with this project.

Most Needed Items:

  • Pasta, rice and sauces

  • Canned meats, fish

  • Beans, soups, stews

  • Canned, and powdered milk

  • Canned fruit, vegetables

  • Flour, whole grain cereals

  • Infant formula, baby food

List of most needed items provided by Food Banks Canada


The Southwood literacy team has just subscribed to Tumblebooks. What are Tumblebooks? “Tumblebooks is a collection of books (animated, talking picture books) with fiction, non-fiction and foreign language titles, Math Stories, Read-Alongs (chapter books with sentence highlighting and narration but no animation), Videos (from National Geographics), TumbleTV which consists of pre-set playlists of a sequence of books, Tumble Puzzles & Games, and TumbleResources for teachers and students. TumbleBooks are created from existing picture books which we have licensed from children's book publishers and converted to the TumbleBook format”. This collection of online books, etc. can now be accessed from a link on our school website, or at the following web address:

To login at the top right, simply enter the following information;

Username = southwoodelem

Password = reads

We hope that teachers, students and families will all enjoy this collection of great books at school and at home. Enjoy!

The Southwood School Literacy Team

Steinbach Pistons Tickets

Steinbach Pistons Tickets

Southwood School is very fortunate and has been chosen for the Piston's Adopt a School Program. If your family is interested in hockey tickets to a game please email Mrs. Courtney Baudry at

There are a number of tickets and games, but tickets can not be guaranteed.

Project 11, K-4 Wellness Program

This year at Southwood School all classrooms will be implementing Project 11. It is a preventive approach that will teach our kids positive coping skills. Lesson plans are based on the following ideas: Self Awareness, Friendship, and Character Development. The program was made in Manitoba and directly relates to the ELA and Phys Ed./Health curriculum outcomes.

Project 11 is supported by the True North Youth Foundation and all of our teachers have been trained in the program.

For more information please visit the website below.

Roots of Empathy

Once again, we have been invited to participate in the Roots of Empathy (ROE) program! This program teaches children about feelings, their own feelings, and the feelings of others. Once every three weeks, our ROE babies will visit selected classrooms. A trained ROE Instructor will gather the children in the classroom around a green blanket and together they watch the baby grow.

The children predict and cheer when their ROE baby reaches the 'developmental milestones' of the first year: "She can roll over!" "He got his first tooth!" "He can sit up!" "She can crawl!"

The ROE Instructor also coaches the children in observing the baby and reading the cues the baby gives as to how the baby is feeling: 'Is the baby happy or sad?" "How can you tell?" And we use this discussion as a lever for the children to talk about their own emotions and to understand how their classmates feel: "Do you smile when you're happy?" "How can you tell if your friend is happy?" Being able to understand how other people are feeling is called empathy. The ROE Instructor also visits the classroom before and after each Family Visit to prepare and reinforce teachings using a specialized lesson plan for each visit.

For more than ten years across Canada and internationally, thousand of children are learning respect and care for one another with the lessons started through their Roots of Empathy baby.

We're excited that we've been chosen to participate in Roots of Empathy, and we hope you are, too. If you have any questions or would like more information, please let us know.

Meet Our Roots of Empathy Babies!

Baby Alasdair

Baby Cambree

Baby Ira

Baby Luke

Help Keep Batteries out of Landfills

We will be collecting used batteries at the school as a part of the Battery Blitz Mission put on by the Earth Rangers. This program helps protect animals and the environment by properly recycling batteries. We could earn an Earth Rangers Assembly in the spring if we collect 300 kg of batteries. The collection will start right away and go until November 12, 2019. There will be a bin near the office to place the used batteries. A letter will be sent home with more information about this mission.

Dates to Remember


1 Photo Day - see schedule

2 Photo Day - see schedule

4 Assembly @ 2:00 p.m.

14 Thanksgiving Day - NO SCHOOL

25 Admin Day - NO SCHOOL

24 Assembly @ 2:010 p.m.

¨ International Walk to School in October

¨ Oct 3 iwalk #1

¨ Oct 10 iwalk #2

¨ Oct 17 iwalk #3

¨ Bus Safety Week in October (Oct 21-24)

31 Costume Parade 2:00 p.m.


4 Admin Day - NO SCHOOL

8 Photo Retakes (AM only)

8 Remembrance Day Assembly @ 12:10 p.m.

11 Remembrance Day - NO SCHOOL

12 Admin Day - NO SCHOOL

22 Assembly @ 2:00 p.m.

26 Report Cards - Term 1

28 Student Led Conferences


28 Book Fair Evening