BOD Update


VMBA has been developing relationships with three new sponsors over the last couple months. I'm happy to share American Flatbread, Cabot Cheese and Husky all officially came on as sponsors last week.

American Flatbread will be a great partner for events and and is working to become a 1% For the Planet partner. This revenue stream has much potential - I think Am. Flatbread will be a great 1% connection. Additionally, I will be working on a number of small, but consistent revenue opportunities such as special events at their location and upselling receipts in their restaurant.

Chris Pierson at Cabot Cheese indicated VMBA will be incorporated into the co-op's 2014 budget (I'm still uncovering what that means). In the meantime, they're willing to share access to their social media and extend the festival in-kind product donations.

Husky injection molding in Milton has a strong contingency of riders on staff (primarily from the Brewster River). Similar to AM. Flatbread and the MRR's, the goal with Husky is to benefit both the local chapter and VMBA.

Sharing these opportunities with chapters will expand our event income via chapters. Both MRR and Brewster both have a strong history of sharing event income with VMBA.

New Partnership

I have been working with the Catamount Trail Association to work out the details of joint membership. They currently carry approx. 2000 members with a loss/gain of ~300 each year. The relationship will focus on capturing 100% of current members to ensure steady growth.

Conversations have taken place with members of the board about a VMBA race event as a revenue generator. CTA has 700+ participants in the race to the top of Vermont each year - many ride mountain bikes. My goal is to utilize CTA's event expertise and infrastructure to host a VMBA race in 2014. We have 50 miles of singletrack in Stowe, which is another shared event opportunity with a chapter to make use of volunteers and admin. help.

BOD Recruitment / Groups

I have reached out to Christine Zachai with Forward Philanthropy and Scott McCardle with the VT Community Foundation seeking their assistance with BOD recruitment. Both of these individuals have tremendous reputations in the Vermont nonprofit world. I will keep the leadership group informed of any recommendations.

The BOD groups have settled a bit:

Leadership - Scott & John

Finance - Jill & Paul

Development - Louise & Berne

Strategy - Todd, Holly & Ed

As we talk to people about potentially serving on the board, please work with the leadership group (Scott & John). Also, it would be a good move to reach out to folks you can see contributing significantly to the development group. Ideally, development will have four people.

Please ask those interested to send a brief summary of their nonprofit board experience and a couple references from those boards. Please send these to John & Scott.

While we recruit the new members, I will be reaching out to each group seeking feedback on potential goals during the 2013 riding season. Once we get these defined and strategies attached, we will free ourselves up for long-term planning.

VMBA Research

I've had conversations with two individuals uncovering VMBA research opportunities recently. Developing this portion of VMBA is critically important to empirically share our value to the state and corporate sponsors, which will be advantageous as we seek funding in the future.

Both individuals are attached to graduate programs and thus have administrative and research expertise/advisement. With little time investment, VMBA has the opportunity to develop a very compelling "story" grounded in real data in addition to our passion.

Primary Focus This Month

1. Steward new chapters and sponsors

2. Festival planning/support

3. Complete the VMBA Trail Grant selection and perform logistics connected to the Trail Clinic

4. Begin writing state 10-year expansion plan

5. Develop RFP

My six month work plan was submitted last week to the strategy group. It will be uploaded to the Google Docs page today.

I will provide a brief BOD retreat summary within the next couple days.