Arcola Intermediate School

Week of 11/16/20

Dear Arcola Families:

I am writing to you this week to share my hopes and blessings to all of you over the coming Thanksgiving holiday. We have all been challenged over the last 8 months and we continue to face situations and times that are truly unexplainable. We can easily sit and think about all of the things that "should have been" or "why is this happening", but the reality is that we, none of us, can control what is happening so we must allow ourselves to flow with what is happening, even if we do not like it. What can we control? Our own thoughts, actions and feelings. Yes, this is hard on all of us but I do believe that there is large lesson we are all learning with regard to patience, flexibility, resilience and strength. I too am learning how to manage my time and my family in a world that is all new and it takes practice and a daily mindset as it is not what I am accustomed to doing at all!

So know this- we are all in this situation together and can only do what we can to be present each day, one day at a time. Please know we are here for you. I am grateful for the health, safety and welfare of all students, staff and families.

Please reach out to us should you need anything!

Be well and stay safe~


Counselor Corner

As we are in the beginning of the holiday season, there is much to be thankful for even in these difficult times. In the blink of an eye we will be looking back on what we are most grateful for as well as counting our blessings in moving forward. Take the time to think about all that is positive that is going on with your child, reach out for suggestions for whatever can be improved, and be thankful for all that is around you—the school counselors are here for you should you need support in finding resources to best help your child find success here at the middle school. For example, we have online brochure resources for the following: Taking Tests, Mangage Your Time, Taking Notes, Getting Organized, Preparing for Tests, Memorization Strategies, Setting Goals and Making Choices, and Classroom Success. If your student is having difficulty with organization, some virtual organization time with their counselor can help.

Attached to this newsletter is the November issue of Middle Years, a newsletter focused on helping you improve your student’s success in school. This month it contains tips for productive parent-teacher conferences, just in time for conferences next week. There are also articles on mental health and study routines. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life”~ Melody Beattie


  • Please put your camera on for attendance and class. This really helps us know who you are and how we can work to engage you! I am looking for faces when I pop in and out of zooms and would love to host a principal zoom per team but I need your beautiful and amazing faces!
  • Read and review the website
  • Connect with your teachers and seek their help, they are here for you