Booktober - Day 2

You've Made Your List...Now Reach Out

Great! I Have a List of 40 Names...Now What?!

If only those people would call you up and book a show on the spot (with a date and time that suits your schedule...and a babysitter to send to your house during the show...and...and...and...)
Alas, you will probably have to do something with that list! So, Days 2 & 3 are all about the warm up! I am including some sample words to say, but please make them your own! Spend the next 2 days, reaching out to everyone on that list...just a quick email or text with some images, that lets them know you will be giving them a call! Remember you are trying to give them free jewels, this is not a kidney your asking for! I have even found that using the phrase "style session" works better than calling it a "trunk show" (guess a TS sounds like work!). The point of this is to be light, breezy, and excited! You will bring them jewels and all they have to do is invite a few friends!
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Some Words To Say

Hi Quinn,

Our stunning, new Holiday collection is here and I’ve been thinking about you! You are such a fashionista – I would love for you to be one of my debut Hostesses for the new collection. Take a sneak peek at the image below <get excited image> and this video <holiday teaser video>!

I’ve got a few dates left in October <insert dates> - let’s get your girlfriends together at your place for a fun, casual style session! I can share the season’s style trends and your friends can start checking items off their holiday shopping lists early.

I'll call you within the next day to follow up!


P.S. My Hostesses can earn $100’s in Style Rewards – I’d love for you to be one of them!
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Links to Enter for Days 2 & 3

To enter for Day 2, through midnight Wednesday night, use:

To enter for Day 3, through midnight Thursday night, use:

They are 2 questions...if it takes longer than 1 minute, I'd be floored :)


Let me know how I can help!
Happy Warm-Ups!