It's Almost Here!

Thanks for a Great Concert

The concert on December 17th was a great showing for our program. Thanks to everyone who helped and for your support of choral music. Below are a few clips:
John Williams is the Man
The Lamb
Musick's Empire

Final Payment

Our final payment for Disney is due this Friday, January 15th! Please ensure that you meet this deadline.

All fundraising money was applied. If fundraising money does not show in your balance by January 15th, please pay your final balance, minus your fundraising amount. The check and spreadsheets for application of funds have all been sent and should be applied as soon as possible.

Medical Form/Medication Waiver

All students going to Disney must complete and return a medical form. This form is on the Edmodo website as an attachment and will also be in picture form below. Again, this form is required for ALL students.

The medication waiver form is required only if your child is currently taking a medication and you would like them to administer the medication themselves.

Please email me with any questions about the medical forms.

Big image
Big image

Fast Pass

All Disney ticket numbers have been available in class for the past few weeks. Disney ticket numbers can be used to create an online account through Disney that allows access to their Fast Pass ride reservation system. If you would like to take advantage of this, the reservations should open for our travel dates starting on Tuesday!

Grading/End of Marking Period

There is a new quiz on Edmodo for completion. This in addition to our evening rehearsals, rhythm assignment, and concert will make up this marking period's grading. Please check to ensure that all assignments are turned in before the end of the marking period, Tuesday, January 26th.