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March Issue: West Point Consolidated School District

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Tip #1: Meredith Beard: Embedding Google Slides in Canvas

Tip #2: Changing Picture Shape in Google Slides

Tip #3: Crosby Miller: Adding Youtube Videos to Canvas Studio

How to Print From Your Surface Pro

Click here to learn how to print documents from your Surface Pro!

Did You Miss Kami Connect 2021? No Worries! Check Out the Videos Below:

Kami for K-3:

Using Kami with K-3 Students - Megan Barnash (Kami Connect 2021)

Kami for Middle School:

5 Ways to Use Kami in Middle School - Dodie Ainslie (Kami Connect 2021)

Kami for High School:

Get Yourself Into Kami - Estee Williams (Kami Connect 2021)

Kami for SPED:

Access, Engage and Express using Kami's Inclusive Tools- Dr. Hilary Goldthwait-Fowles (Kami Connect)

Using Kami to Address All Learners:

Real-time collaboration to address all learners using Kami - Stacey Roshan (Kami Connect 2021)

Congrats to Mrs. Alonso for Winning a $50 Amazon Card from Kami Connect 2021!!

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How to Create Your Own Google Slides Activities

Click here to learn how to add/edit shapes, create drag piles, add images, and create a static background that students can't move! Make sure to click "Make a Copy" to edit the document.

K-12 Sample Google Slides Interactive Activities

Click here to gain ideas on what you can do with Google Slides! Make sure to "Make a Copy" to edit your own copy. You can change the background to fit your needs!

Click for Unifex Cube Activities Using Google Slides!

Click here, or below, to access unifex activities using Google Slides. Make sure to "Make a Copy" to make it your own! You can edit it to fit your class' needs.

Mississippi Department of Education Resources:

MDE: Professional Development Calendar

Click here to see all of the Professional Development opportunities MDE has to offer.

ITS: Cyber Tips Newsletters

Digital Citizenship Lessons:

MobyMax Free Live Trainings:

~Become a Certified Apple Teacher~

Quick Tech Tips for Teachers

How to Quickly and Easily Customize Your Mouse Cursor:

How to Customize Your Cursor

Ideas on Using the Snipping Tool: New Quizzes, Kami, and More:

Ideas on How to Use the Snipping Tool

"How-To" Canvas Videos and Presentation

How to Access the Training Portal in Canvas

Click here to learn how to access the training portal within Canvas. This is free!

MECA 2021 Presentation: New Quizzes, Kami, and Zoom!

The Technology Puzzle: Piecing Together Creativity and Instruction in a Digital World
Delete Content You Would Like Restored?

Click here to learn how to restore deleted content in your Canvas course!

How to Generate Pairing Codes for Your Entire Course

If you would like a fast, efficient way to give multiple observers a pairing code, click here!

Gerry Brooks: "Virtual Assessments"

Virtual assessments....OMG....can anyone relate?
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