Reports & Requirements Company, LLC

A woman-owned small business.

Information is a powerful asset, but only if it is use effectively against an identified goal.

R2C performs business consulting in intelligence collection, reporting, and analysis related to high priority national security concerns, including terrorist and cyber threats to the U.S. homeland. Our consultants offer expertise from across the U.S government, with a specific focus on the policies and management of large volumes of data, effective approaches to evaluating and sharing data, and innovative techniques for information collection. R2C consultants develop and deliver training programs on a variety of subjects including cyber intelligence, international protocols, information collection, and reporting techniques.

R2C’s specialization is the management of big data collections and the identification of valuable data from the constant data deluge experienced across government and private sectors. We provide evaluations and recommendations on data sharing policies, reporting formats for big data, and innovative technical solutions for manipulating data. A critical component of this work is the identification of cyber intelligence – what is it and how do we report it?

R2C’s culture encourages creativity and critical thinking while fostering team work and a strong sense of giving back to the global community. We welcome the most challenging problems facing our national security. We apply a lot of intellect, talent, and innovation to each project to reach feasible and valuable solutions to each challenge.

R2C Training

Our consulting staff has extensive experience in multiple federal government agencies in the laws, policies, processes, and procedures associated with the classification, control, dissemination, and clearance of restricted information. The R2C Intelligence Sharing Certification (RISC) Program incorporates general training on information sharing authorities and regulations, awareness of collection requirements, writing styles and formats, clearances and controls, and real-life information sharing case studies and successes. Each curriculum is tailored to your needs, and courses can be taught at your facility or off-site.

R2C is so much more...

While we are dedicated to supporting the national security mission, we recognize that the geopolitical challenges facing our nation require a much broader approach to international security. As such, R2C donates a portion of its annual profits to non-profit organizations that support education for children, especially girls, in the Middle East. Education serves to improve a population’s opinion of the United States; educating girls benefits entire communities and reduces the level of violence in society. Our support for education seeks to address the need for long-term solutions to regional instabilities while encouraging all of our staff to support non-profit organizations helping the global community.