Have you seen this beast?

The Skunkape has gone missing and we need your help.

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Born: 1970

Height: 7 feet on hind legs

Eyes: brown

Weight: about 300 lbs.

Diet: Omnivorous

Hair Color: mud brown

Names: Skunk ape, Swamp ape, Myakka ape, Florida Bigfoot


The skunk ape as it most commonly called, is 7 feet tall on hind legs. It first was reported to law enforcement in 1970, but has been seen by natives to florida. If you want to bait it, your best choice would be to put out a deer liver, lima beans, have a snare (trap) ready, and do it at night because they come out at night. There are many reports, however, no one who reported had ever seen scat (poop), fur (hair), or foot prints. They have however smelled an unusualy strong odor. If you look at picture like the one above, you can try looking for something like that. If you live near a swamp in florida, you will most likely catch one. Arkansas and North Carolina have had sightings as well, so you could go hunting there.

Some cryptozoologists studying this animal think that somewhere along the evolutionary line, the skunkape could have split, but they could just seem related, but reallythey might have not even had a common ancestor, maybe they just were related to monkeys. People think that maybe the skunk ape did evolve from hominids, most people who think that would say Homo erectus would have been the hominid. Another thing is that the skunkape story has been told since before europeans started conquering North America. Native American stories tell of an unusually strong odor and then seeing a human-like creature.

If you have ever noticed, most people think they live in remote areas. Some of the cryptids like the skunk ape might just be like the boogeyman to scare kids away from remote areas and the kids grew up, they thought they were true, so anything close to a description of a cryptid could spark a memory and make them think it is the cryptid.

So in conclusion, I would say it does not exist, my reasoning is because no one has any evidence about it being there, besides, no one has caught one or shown them on camera upclose. And think, if bigfoot has more sightings than the skunkape and many more people don't believe bigfoot, so I think the Skunk ape is fake.

Created by: Josh Piechowski