Breakthru To Your Life, Inspired


But first you have to stop lusting after THE BIG, GRANDIOSE BREAKTHROUGH (or even enlightenment!)

Instead, here's the fast, fun, easy way to create MINI-breakthroughs throughout your day ... to re-center, re-connect & re-charge ... in a flash

Summary of this Offering

note to self:

write this whole thing targeted for seeks, pesnal and spirtual transforamtion, even on-dual... raphael's bewtenen the rock and the hard place (ie, the Big Wakening, Enlightenment and the slugging it out with the things that don't appear to be working, if you can find time for them: medittaion, prayer, etc

and also review John' notes as well, and go down that path with reviews and tweak to get it right funding the power, even as I look for the place with the list as the vessel and vechile

√ Summary of this offering:

  • FOR WHOM: Heart-centered coaches, practitioners, healers, solopreneurs and seekers
  • WHAT: 5-Hour, highly experiential, fun work & play-shop
  • PURPOSE: to learn a fast, fun, easy way to create mini-breakthroughs throughout your day to re-center, re-connect, and re-charge
  • WHY: So you can optimize the life inspired that you want this year

  • WHEN: Sat Jan 26th, 2014, from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  • WHERE: Professional office in Longmont
  • LED BY: Frederic Wiedemann PhD
  • INVESTMENT: $49 for Early Bird ... $79 for Normal Registration

Features & Benefits

Note from me: I really want you to get the power of the flash mini-breakthrough. I and my clients have logged over 5,000 mini-breakthroughs. I know it will give you inspiration throughout your day. I know how to teach it to you in a fast, fun, easy way.

This inexpensive, 5-hour work & play-shop will deliver to you:

1. The flash mini-breakthrough -- a single, fast, fun tool that you can use anytime, anywhere to create a mini-breakthrough for yourself ... so you can optimize yourself for whatever you need in the moment. EXAMPLE: you are buried in your computer, fretting over all you have to do. You remember to take the flash mini-breakthrough, and suddenly you have clarity on your priorities.

2. You will feel tangible relief, connectedness, freedom, and focus in under 60 seconds ... so you can quickly re-connect to your power anytime. EXAMPLE: you notice you are feeling anxiety as you pay your bills. You take a flash mini-breakthrough, and can feel the knot in your gut lessening.

3. This single tool layers together physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements into a powerful synergy ... to take you beyond just using your mind to visualize. or tapping, or other methods of personal transformation. EXAMPLE: You don't have time for your spiritual practice one morning, but want that sense of deep inner connectedness. You take the flash, and feel physically grounded, emotionally flowing, mentally clear, and spiritually connected.

4. I have taught hundreds of folks in classes and workshops. I use a highly experiential teaching style so you can experience, and get "it," quickly for yourself. EXAMPLE: we will start the class with you getting in touch with what your life inspired would feel like.

5. One of my specialties is focusing on digestion and integration of the material. EXAMPLE: you will be practicing flash mini-breakthroughs by your lunch break!

6. This is limited to a small number or participants for individualized attention. EXAMPLE: you can ask questions and get on-the-spot, individualized "coaching" as we go.

7. For those of you in a non-dual spiritual tradition, this is a powerful tool to use "on-the-run." EXAMPLE: this single tool brings you to True Nature in a flash.

√ How Is This Different? (from other solutions you may have tried):

  1. Fast: can be implemented in under a minute
  2. Multiple results each day: can be repeated easily and quickly throughout the day, even hourly if desired
  3. Tangible: you can feel the results immediately
  4. Useable: create mini-breakthroughs anytime, anywhere, in any situation, on the run, without meditation, tapping, visualization or other more cumbersome tools
  5. A teachable skill: the basics of the flash mini-breakthrough can be taught in under an hour.
  6. Rich: this is holistic or “integral” … ie, the flash formula layers together elements from the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual realms into a powerful synergy.
  7. Practical: The founder and creator has a PhD and 40 years experience, insight and wisdom from working in the trenches with clients as a clinical psychologist and clarity coach.


If you are an entrepreneur, coach, or seeker feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or unhappy (or just seeking a more inspired life), this class offers the 60-second solution you can use throughout the day to create mini-breakthroughs. In 60 seconds, these mini-breakthroughs will tangibly help you feel relief, focused, and connected … so you will actually enjoy your journey everyday.

I will guarantee that you will leave this class experiencing the above ... to the degree that the caliber of your nervous system will allow. If you don't "get it" for any reason, even a contracted nervous system :), I will happily refund your investment.

Your Three Breakthrough Guides

WHY you might want to learn this powerful tool

√ The Core Promise of this class ... in a story of 6 sentences:

... Once upon a time, overwhelmed and frustrated entrepreneurs, coaches and seekers labored mightily after the BIG BREAKTHROUGH. Everyday they longed for a big breakthrough in money, time, life fulfillment or spiritual connection.

... Then one day, they discovered a fast, fun and easily repeatable tool to enjoy mini-breakthroughs throughout their day. And because of that, they could quickly re-gain relief, perspective, and productivity -- every hour if they wanted. And with this simple skill, they re-kindled a zest of their work and life, and enjoyed the journey.

... Until finally, they were living their inspired life.

√ So, could 2014 really be your breakthrough year? We all long for exactly this in our heart of hearts. But is it really possible? When it comes to your 2014 breakthrough, small and consistent beats grandiose and occasional.

Let me repeat: small and repeatable trumps grandiose and occasional. That is the way it is with everything in life. We may ache and arch for the Big love, the Big meditation, the Big money breakthrough, but that is just our ego squawking.

What nourishes our soul is more bite-sized: the moments of joy with the kids, the look of love from our partner, the incremental uptick in our business … everyday.

Rome was not built in day. It was built everyday.

Everyday – therein lies the key. What are we experiencing on a daily basis? Are we just toiling and churning away for a future which should surely be better (we think)? Whatever happened to the power of now?!

√ What if we could have bite-sized, mini-breakthroughs right here, right now, throughout our day?

A mini-breakthrough has all of the delicious elements of a Big Breakthrough – the sense of breaking out of a long tunnel … the sudden relief … that experience of “getting it” … all the pieces snapping into place … the open, light-hearted, almost giddy sense of freedom … the taste of fulfillment.

Wouldn't it be lovely to feel this, regularly and predictably, especially if you are trapped in feeling:

  • UNFOCUSED: Overwhelm! What next? Too many details! Pressured. Harried.

  • UNPRODUCTIVE: just grinding away, endlessly striving fro your dream.

  • UNHAPPY: Feeling disconnected, just too damn busy & preoccupied to enjoy life.

*** Bonuses For Fast Action

1. First bonus: if you register and pay by 5 PM on Monday Jan 20th, you pay only $49 (otherwise the investment is $79)

2. Second bonus: the FIRST FIVE folks to register will each receive a 30-minute laser-coaching session after the work/play-shop ... to apply the flash mini-breakthrough method to the most pressing issue in your life right now


P.S. The fine print

1. Your flash-mini-breakthroughs will be "ephemeral" ... in the sense that they will not "last" beyond a few minutes. Then again, what does last beyond a few minutes??!!

However, myself and my clients have logged over 5,000 flash-mini-breakthrough, and the cumulative effect is big ... bigger than occasional BIG Breakthroughs. Why: because these bite-sized breakthrough are easy for our nervous system to "digest" (and integrate), and thus we organically advance in our potential.

2. The 60 second flash may seem simple, but the flash mini-breakthrough method is also profound enough to use someday on your death bed. In fact, what else would you want to be doing on your death bed than flashing to True Nature?

More than you'll ever need to know about me


At 65, I can say I have lived the life inspired. I know how to do this -- through career changes, adventures abroad, deep immersion in my own inner bio-psycho-spiritual work, exploration of the world's great spiritual traditions, dedication to the non-dual path of awakening, integration of embodiment practices, and working in the trenches for 40 years with clients as therapist, coach and guide.

I have fallen into the pits of hell, and resurrected. I have continued do deep inner work with my wound to lust after the "grass as greener over there," ... when my deepest wisdom and love is the grass is greenest right here. The Flash Mini-Breakthrough Method is the culmination and integration of all this, and my gift to your life inspired.


Starting as a newspaper delivery boy at 12 years old and evolving into a body worker and professional dancer in his 20s, Frederic became a PhD Clinical Psychologist in his 30s. In addition, he is a published scholar and author of Between Two Worlds: The Riddle of Wholeness (also translated into Turkish and Japanese!), the writer of over 500 poems, founder of two nonprofits, a community activist, and the former Vice President of Human Resources for an entrepreneurial start-up that rocketed from $0 to $50,000,000 in sales in the first three years. He is also active in social causes, and coaches others in the Flash Method.


Frederic has lived abroad for five years. At 17, he spent a year studying in Lugano, Switzerland. At 21, he motorcycled overland from London to New Delhi on a 500-cc Triumph Scrambler, arriving in India the day that India and Pakistan declared war on each other. In his 50s, he plunged into a two-year learning sabbatical in Kashmir, India, and Maui. Frederic has taken and/or guided others on over 20 wilderness vision quests throughout the world, and traveled in over 45 countries (including Siberia . . . see photo at right). His most recent adventures was rafting the entire length of the Grand Canyon for 21 days, working in Mexico for 4 months, and living in Spain for a month.


“In 2003, at the end of my two-year learning sabbatical in Kashmir, India, and Maui, I experienced increasing levels of anxiety and depression. I found that I was unable to work with clients. Descending into a private hell, in debt and depressed, it took me months of “shadow work,” my own therapy, medication and the astounding help of my family and friends to integrate this mid-life death and rebirth. Facing this dragon led me forward into the renewal of my life and sacred work. I call this renewal the beginning of Book III of my life’s “Trilogy.”


“My passion is to explore, teach, share and embody wholeness. I know this is the theme running through my inspired life. Whether serving a meal for the homeless, assisting my beloved wife with her volunteer nonprofit or mentoring those in my transformational practice of 40 years, my heart’s desire is to be of benefit. I am proud to have developed The Flash Method as one of the fastest, most effective and reliable ways for you to benefit yourself, those you love and the causes you serve.”