OISS Newsletter

July 8, 2020

A message from our president, Teresa Amott

Dear Knox International Student,

I know that you are concerned about the most recent policy announcement from the Trump administration requiring international students to be enrolled in in-person classes in order to remain in the United States. The policy is short-sighted and cruel and utterly contrary to Knox’s values. I have already been in touch with our Senators and Representatives urging them to take action. As you know, at Knox we have committed to in-person classes, so rest assured that you, our international students, will not be affected by the ruling as announced. Even if we need to move more of our classes online this fall for whatever reason (such as a spread of the virus), we will find a way to provide you with enough in-person instruction to remain in the United States.

You have been very much on my mind as the world battles the COVID-19 pandemic. Far from Knox, there are health professionals working together across boundaries to share scientific information, public health best practices, and real-time data and analysis on the spread of the virus. We know that the virus knows no national boundaries, and I am heartened to see that our fight against it is also international.

As I have sought to become informed about the crisis, I have been struck by the number of doctors and scientists here in the United States who have been interviewed on news programs and whose diverse voices illustrate how much immigration has brought talent and skills from all around the world to this country.

And that brings me to my thoughts about you. Perhaps you have heard me say before that Knox needs you all -- your cultures, your perspectives, your contributions to our classrooms, residence halls, and student organizations. Knox truly is a place where the world can come together, and I am grateful to you for the sacrifices you and your families have made for you to receive an education at Knox. That we are physically distanced now is painful to us all, but it is our contribution to keeping everyone safe, especially those most at risk from the damage the virus can wreak.

You will always be the classes at Knox who made sacrifices so that the world could recover from the pandemic. Be proud of that. It is an experience no other class at Knox has ever had, and it will define us for the rest of our lives. In years to come, I know that the world will be healthier, more just, and more sustainable because of the lessons we have learned in these months.

Take care and know that I stand with you,





Knox College

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New ICE Guidance, statement from Alex

Hi Everyone, I know that many of you have questions about the new ICE guidance that was recently published. I will be sending out an information sheet within a few days to let you know how it will affect our Knox students.