The American Dream

By Sammi and Rebecki

The America Dream is happiness, freedom, and to live a good life

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Sammi's Dream

  1. Graduate HighSchool
  2. Go to College and Get Diploma
  3. Get a good and enjoyable job
  4. Start and have a nice family
  5. Live a happy life

Rebecki's Dream

1. Graduated HighSchool

2. Go to Culinary School

3. Start my own business

4. Get married

5. Start family


What do you think most Americans want out of life?

  • They want success and wealth.

How does each want to pursue the ideals of wealth, freedom, security and equality?

  • Rebecki- Start her own business.
  • Sammi- Go to College and live a good life.
How do Americans generally measure success?

  • They measure it by the amount of money they make and wealth they have.
How do you know if you have achieved the American Dream? Describe what the typical American family is supposed to look like (i.e. children/no children, pets, home/house(s), etc.)

  • You will know when you have everything you want in life.