Romeo Montague

Alyssa Riggins

Background Information:

- Romeo is the son of two wealthy noble people. Romeo is a Montague, which means his family strongly dislikes the Capulet family. He is also the male heir of Veronia.

- Romeo is brave, intelligent, and desperate for love. He is very brave, because he marries Juliet, a Capulet, and does not care that his parents would not approve of it. He is also brave, because he kills himself for the love of his life, Juliet. He is intelligent, because he found different ways that he could see Juliet without everyone knowing.

- Romeo is a young boy who is sixteen years old. He always dresses in fancy noblemen clothes, since his family is considered to be a high ranking class in society.

- As time passes, Romeo matures. He marries the love of his life who is Juliet and he lives the life that he wanted, not what his parents wanted. Eventually, Romeo dies after he thought he saw Juliet dead.


- Romeo is a member of the Montague family. His family has a high rank in society, since they are considered Noble people. His family is in a feud with the Capulets, but he does not participate in the conflict. He is in love with Juliet, a member of the Capulets, and he would rather be with Juliet than fight.

- Besides Romeo, the Montague family includes Montague, Lady Montague, Benvolio, Balthasar, and Abraham. Montague and Lady Montague are the parents of Romeo. Benvolio is the cousin of Romeo and he always gives him advice. Finally, Balthasar is the serving man for Romeo, while Abraham is the serving man for Montague.

Interesting Facts:

- At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is in love with another girl named Rosaline, but he no longer thinks of her once he sees Juliet for the first time.

- Romeo should have never met or fallen in love with Juliet, since she is a Capulet and he is a Montague. If they never met, the whole tragedy would have never happened.

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