Update from Room 124

Week of September 19, 2016


Starting tomorrow, students may bring their laptops with them to school! Please make sure that the laptops are CHARGED AT HOME and the charger should come with the student to school. There will be days when the laptops will be used all day long!! So, think of charging the laptop in the evening as daily homework for your child. =) The laptop should be carried to/from school in a protective case/sleeve within the back (if possible). When students arrive, there will be a specific location for them to keep their laptops in the classroom, every day.

IDs and Passwords

Your child will have various IDs and Passwords taped into the front of their planner starting tomorrow. Feel free to log into your child's account to see what we're working on in class!


We are still in need of classroom parents... one Head Parent and two Assistant Parents. Our first party is coming up next month! There is no "class money" collection this year, so I need a parent to coordinate our parties for this year. Please email me and let me know what you are interested in doing for the class! kristaharmsworth@wlcsd.org

~ These parents plan, organize, attend, and "run" our holiday parties. This year, the parties are as follows: Halloween, 10/31 at 10:30am; Winter, 12/22 at 2:45pm; Valentine, 2/14 at 2:45pm

~1 "Head" Room Parent and 2 "Assistant" Room Parents

MATH Update - from Ms. Helgemo

We have really hit the ground running with our math curriculum. Students have learned:
- How to find the area of a rectangle with fractional side lengths by using the tiling method or multiplication (I have promoted the tiling method as being the best for now because not all students are secure with multiplying fractions, and this isn't a skill we address until the late winter/early spring)
- How to find the volume of a rectangular prism by counting cubes as well as using the volume formula of A=L x W x H

There will be a short math quiz on Wednesday addressing those two topics. We will review in class Tuesday, but students should review these concepts by going through their graded Home Links.

Social Studies Update - From Ms. Brewer

In SS students have been learning about the Eastern Woodland Native Americans. They have using mapping skills, as well as close reading strategies in order to learn more about these tribes. Also, Constitution Day was celebrated today! The students heard the story We The Kids and are working on their own class Constitution book.


Upcoming Events

9/19: Students can bring Laptops

9/20: 1/2 Day, dismissal at 12:09

9/30: Family Outdoor Movie Night

10/3: No School (Rosh Hashanah)

10/3-10/7: Fitness Week

10/5: Walk/Bike to School Day

10/5: Count Day

10/5 or 10/6: VIP Mileage Club

10/7: Fun Run

10/12: No School (Yom Kippur)

10/31: 1/2 Day, dismissal at 12:09

10/31: Halloween Parties at 10:30am