Washington D.C.

by Kathryn Simms

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Famous People

Connie Chug is well known television journalist. Born in Washington , D.C. Marvin Gaye- A popular singer and the best-selling Motown artist of all time. Edward Albee- One of America's leading play wrights. John Philip - American band master and composer of more than 100 marches. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.-Served as a United States Supreme Court justice for thirty years.

National Parks,Historical Sites, and Other Points Of Interest

George town-Quotations taken directly from Thomas Jefferson 's writings are etched into the walls of the Jefferson memorial. Lincoln memorial- The Lincoln memorial, located at the west end of the mall was built to look like a Greek temple.

Early Historical Facts

Nacotchtank they respected the land because it was very easy to grow corn and other plants Nacotchtank lived in villages throughout the area. English Captain John Smith was the first person to sail as far as Washington on the Potomac. Also, European settlers brought contagios diseases such as measles and smallpox into the area. The colonist learned about growing and cooking corn, which be came an important part of their diet.
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Whats In A Name?

The city was named after two very important men in the history of United States. The initials "D.C." were named after Christopher Columbus . "Washington" is in honor of George Washington. The Nations Capital Washington Monument, the Smith sonian Institution the Lincoln memorial, and the honor of being our nations capital.

Physical Features

My city has 2 main land regions. North of the White House is a large forest in the alley of Rock Creek Park offers a quiet get away from the city bustle. The border of Maryland and Virginia, where Washington, D.C. is located, is formed by the Potomac River. Tenley town at the Reno Reervoir, 410 feet.
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