Computer Componats

By Sam Archer

  1. RAM is an acronym for random access memory, a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly; that is, any byte of memory can be accessed without touching the preceding bytes.RAM is the most common type of memory found in computers and other devices, such as printers.

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Optical Drive

  1. In computing, an optical disc drive (ODD) is a disk drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic waves within or near the visible light spectrum as part of the process of reading or writing data to or from optical discs.

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RAM is where you store every thing you using at that currant time Where as a optical disc drive uses a laser to read what is on a disc and then projects that on to the screen also the disc drive is internal when its reading the disc and when you need to place in a new disc it is external where as RAM is allways internal
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Alan Turning was born on the 23 June 1912 and died 7 June 1954. Alan was a British mathematician and an extremely good ultra-distance runner, he also cracked the enigma code which properly shortened the war by two years and saved over 1,000,000,000 lives. He also invented the first computer called the 'turning machine' Alan is sometimes referred to as the father of computing.

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