Full-time position available!

Job Description

Do you enjoy creating new things and watching your imagination come to life? We are looking for classic visual artists with a passion for handspun art. We are a local glass factory in Los Angeles, CA, seeking the perfect diligent worker to become the next best glassblower. The ideal candidate will be responsible for creating unique glass to stock our stores and online inventory. Other positions also available in select locations.

Experience & Education

Must have degree in glassblowing or similar field.

2+ years of apprenticeship experience.

Familiar with and know how to operate metal equipment, heavy machinery, and heat furnace.

Knowledgable with molten glass and certified in handling proper equipment.

Salary & Location

Hiring for all locations in Vermont, California, and Idaho.

Candidate will work in glass factory or museum depending on location.

Base salary starts at $40,000 DOE with commission.

Professional Organizations

For more information, please visit ASGC (American Scientific Glassblower Society) or Seattle Glassblowing Teaching Studio.