Technology Spotlight

4th Edition

Technology at Wakefield is to be integrated with instruction in authentic and meaningful ways and used to enhance our already outstanding curriculum. Below is an example of how one of our amazing teachers is using technology to engage our students!

Google Forms for Staff Evaluations

Featured Teacher: Matt Zontine


  • Mr. Zontine provides his students with the opportunity to provide feedback on his instruction using a Google form. He then uses the data collected to reflect upon and improve his teaching. For directions on how to create a Google Form, just click here.

What his students and colleagues are saying:

    • "For the end of year evaluations, Mr. Z was always looking for criticisms on how to better improve his class, as well as his methods of teaching. That is something that you don't openly find in a lot of teachers. Most find a system that they like, and stick with it. Mr. Zontine wanted us to tell him if there was something that we didn't like about the way he taught each book. Virginia Tech has a very similar evaluation. At the end of the semester, they ask you to fill out a survey for all of your classes about what you thought of the professor, their teaching style, and so on. They want to hear from the students so that they can make improvements and adjust from year to year, and professor to professor. I think that it is an awesome idea because you think about things in the moment that you would like to see change, but then life happens and you move on and it gets pushed to the side and forgotten about. The evaluations give us as students a chance to sit down and really think about what we liked and/or didn't like about the class, and offer our suggestions on how it can be improved." ~ Miss Jillian Wise '15
    • "Giving students the opportunity to provide feedback on instruction touches upon all three of the criteria we have discussed as a staff regarding our faculty evaluation plans: high standards for our students, faculty commitment to helping them achieve those standards, and faculty commitment to professional growth and development."
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