What To Expect

By: Aneshea Quarles

First Trimester

Congratulations! You are expecting a baby. There are some things you should be starting to expect. You may soon start to notice a more frequency to go to the restroom. This is because the amount of blood in your body is increasing. You will become more exhausted and having nausea, vomiting, super sore breast and headaches. Mood swings will very much be present as well. Your uterus once was the size of your fist, now it is the size of a pear.

Some changes for your baby will occur to as it begins to develop. Your babies heart, hands, feet, tongue and vocal cords are now forming. By the seventh week, your baby will have eyes and a tailbone. It should be about the size of a kidney bean. Also, your babies heart should be beating 90-120 beats per minute.

Second Trimester

You're almost halfway done with your pregnancy. How are you feeling? 75% of miscarriages happen in the first trimester so you're doing well and you're lucky! I bet you are noticing that your skin is maybe getting a little darker. That's okay, that's perfectly normal for pregnancies. You should notice that your blood pressure has risen and your headaches are more severe. Dizziness and vomiting are still there, they won't be leaving soon.

Your baby should now be 3 and a half inches long. Finger prints are now forming along with the skeleton. Your baby is now able to hear. Fun fact, play classical music and the baby is most likely to come out a little smarter. You want the best for your baby, right? More kicking should be going on. The heart should now be pumping 25 quarts of blood a day.

Third Trimester

Hang in there hun. You're almost done girl. I know those sleepless nights are getting worse but it will be all worth it! Your breast should be as big as they'll get and maybe a little leaky. Your contractions I bet are getting worse too. Do you feel that weight down by your pelvis area! Yeah, that's your babies head. Their ready to come out and meet you!

Your baby can now blink its eyes, but of course it wont be able to see anything because its dark in the womb. Your baby now is gaining it's baby weight so expect to be gaining a lot more weight. Your baby is now 19 inches long and almost 7 pounds.Your baby is basically ready to be out. It's ready!


Okay dad, it's your turn. Make sure during the pregnancy that you help your women out. Don't cause a lot of stress and make sure to give her anything she is craving. Take her on dates and tell her shes beautiful. She'll need that because she will be going through a lot. The most important thing is to not leave her. She needs you! Don't be a bad parent, give your child the best.