Field Notes

Indian Fields and Dayton School 6-7-19

Greetings From the Fields!


Welcome to the monthly Principal's Newsletter: Field Notes! We hope that you find this bi-monthly newsletter informative and entertaining. You can also find updated information on the web page and our Facebook Page. We value the partnership of our parents and open communication, so please feel free to contact teachers and administrators. We are looking forward to a fantastic 18-19 school year at Indian Fields and Dayton!

Warmest Regards,

April Gonzalez


Writer's Celebrations

Thank you to our Kindergarten, 1st-Grade, and 2nd-Grade teachers, students, and families for making our Writer's Celebrations a huge success! Our students worked very hard to compose portfolios of their wonderful writing and best work!



Senior That I Love Essay

Tushar Rakundlia

Invention Convention Winners

Anoushka Thakare, Samhita Koltur, Arya Menon, and Anwita Chindunoor

Odyssey of the Mind State Team

Nishka Gattu, Dhruv Tiwari, Shaurya Srivastava, Neha Manisekharan

Pride and Progress

Saaru Desikan

Anayah Ashraf

Kimberly Martinez

Geography Bee School Winners

Saketh Tangirala

Music Concerts

We thank Mr. Piszko, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Chin for Melodious May concerts. The in-school performance on May 23rd and evening performances on May 22nd and May 30th were simply music to our ears!

End of Year Math Testing


The end of year math testing dates have been posted to the district assessment website. It is here that you will find out the specifics of process and criteria. Please take the time to visit this site and review the information as some changes have been made. To help you with planning, here are the important dates.

2018-2019 Elementary End of Year Math Testing Dates:

o Week of May 28, 2019: K-2 end of year testing

o Week of June 3, 2019: Grades 3 & 4 end of year testing

o Week of June 10, 2019: Grade 5 end of year testing

o Week of June 10, 2019: Grade 2-4 Accelerated testing

Note: There will be one week of make-up testing. Make-up testing will only occur during the scheduled make-up dates. Testing cannot be accommodated before the posted dates.

o Week of June 3, 2019: K-Grade 4 End of Year Math Make-Up Testing

o Week of June 17, 2019: Grade 2-Grade 4 Accelerated Math Make-up testing

Thanks, please reach out with any questions,

April Gonzalez, Principal


Weather permitting, we look forward to a fun morning of Field Day games. Parents are welcome to visit and help.


There's still time to give your child a fun and enriching summer experience with South Brunswick School District's Community Education Camps! Great Variety, Great Value!

  • Enrichment Camps: Continue learning throughout the summer in a fun and creative environment! Choose from a vast array of STEAM-based enrichment classes--Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math taught by our incredible South Brunswick teachers and staff. There are also music, art and cooking programs. Combine a morning program with an afternoon program and make it a full day (lunch included).
  • Full Day Camps: Elementary BASE, Middle School 678 & Travel Camp – offer action-packed fun! Early drop off (7-9AM), late pick up (4-6PM), lunch and snacks included.
  • Sports Camps are led by our SB Physical Education teachers/coaches and offer the perfect way for all skill levels to be active this summer!

Convenient & secure online registration through Community Pass. Visit to look at our summer brochure for more information. or 732-297-7800 x3190.



Tick season is upon us in New Jersey. May is the first month we begin to experience ticks in our surroundings and with that some potential tick-borne illnesses.

Here are some simple tips to avoid ticks:

  1. Avoid wooded areas, bushes, and shrubs

  2. Keep lawns mowed very low

  3. Keep skin covered

  4. Wear light-colored clothing

  5. Wear a hat

  6. Check pets frequently for ticks

  7. Use a good tick repellent spray for hiking in wooded areas

Please check yourself, your child and your pet frequently for ticks in the scalp, underarm, behind the ears and in the groin area. These are places ticks like to hide out. If you find a tick, use a tweezer and remove the entire tick. Call your MD for further instructions. If you notice a red rash around the tick bite, please see your MD immediately. Lyme disease is quite common in the deer tick in New Jersey and can cause a multitude of issues if not treated early. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at Indian Fields or Ms. Dowgin at Dayton.


Mrs. Sichta, School Nurse


Did you know that you can now report your child's absence through the Genesis Parent Portal? See this link for directions. This will be such a great tool to use! No need to call the school anymore!

¿Sabía que ahora puede reportar la ausencia de su hijo a través del Portal de Padres de Genesis? Vea este enlace para direcciones. ¡Esta será una gran herramienta para usar! ¡Ya no hay necesidad de llamar a la escuela!


6/11 Mr. Ray Assembly for Pre-K - 1st-Grade

6/14 Field Day

6/14 PTO Family Picnic @ 6:00 pm

6/19 Dayton Carnival

6/21 Dayton Summer Birthday Recognition

6/20 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony

6/24 Early Release

6/25 Early Release

6/25 Indian Fields End-of-Year Parties

6/26 Early Release and Last Day of School

Indian Fields and Dayton School

The Indian Fields and Dayton School is home to approximately 670 students. Our mission is to educate all children by providing a safe, stimulating, respectful environment which promotes cognitive, social, emotional, artistic, and physical growth. The school will prepare children to have a positive attitude towards learning, to be responsible members of the community and to accept individual differences.