Keeping Pit-bulls

vanessa ruiz

should people be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs?

As you probably know there has been some chaos within the pit-bull breed, but this does not mean you have to banish them in animal shelters where they will later be killed. Many people fear this dog breed that "kill" ; what people don't realize is that humans are killers to. For example people kill everything they society , other people,and the earths atmosphere etc. I believe people should be able to keep Pit-bulls because its not the dogs fault they were raised by the wrong person

History of Pit-bulls

The Pit-bull was first breed in England ,and was created by mixing a English bull dog and a terrier. The Pit-bull was first brought to the U.S. in the 1860s, and was used to herd animals ,protect livestock ,and protect with families. After a few years the Pit-bull was one the first dogs to be recognized ,and was named "Americas Dog." During this time World War 1 was occurring ,and Pit-bulls were used on posters to sell war bonds and recruit people for the military. This was a good time for Pit-bulls and then things slowly started to get worse ,when people started using them as fighting dogs. This was a very good time for Pit-bulls but thing slowly started to go down hill when people started using them as fighting dogs.

A Fighting Dog

Pit-bulls have a good lean body which makes this dog breed a excellent fighting dog, though this is not a very good thing, its not the dogs fault. This is the owners fault because the owner uses the dog for the his/hers own needs. Fighting dogs are are trained to fight (obviously) and when these dogs are not good enough anymore they are left to die ,killed, or let lose. When the dog is let lose it usually fears the world causing it to attack other people or things. This ends with people getting hurt, and the dog gets killed.

very loving

Most people think Pit-bulls are the worst dog imaginable but in reality they're not. Even though Pit-bulls are big dogs they are very affectionate ,loving ,and require a lot of attention. People think they're the most dangerous dog breed but this isn't true any other dog breed can be as dangerous. Pit-bulls are one of the nicest dog breed if you train it right. So ,I believe people should keep people as a family pet.

Should people be allowed to keep Pit-bulls?

The answer to this question is very simple, yes, people should be allowed to keep a Pit-bull. The owner just needs to be aware of the circumstances he/she raises the dog. if they do adopt a full grown dog that has history of fighting they need to be aware that the dog. The dog may be afraid of the word or may fear nothing either way the owner need to be cautions for the dog. This however does not mean you should give up on the dog ,but rather encourage yourself to continue to take care of it.


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