Heidi garcia

awesome.good job.nice job keep up with the good work.these are the things what people will say about your job.Anthropologist is more important because you will need to be careful with the fossils.It’s also challenging because you have to dig out the fossils,be gentle that you DON’T BREAK THE FOSSIL! Because the fossils are old they were for a thousand of years ago.Anthropologist necessary need requirements like training,and demands so that they know how to take out fossils gently and that’s why it’s very important.If you think you have what it takes, then there could be a new career in your future!

The career of anthropologist has lots of responsibilities and requirements.My working conditions and physical demands,would often handle loads to 10 Ibs.Sometimes you might do alot of working and standing.In my career you will have to travel because you have to help others dig out for other fossils.The responsibility that anthropologist need to do is that they need to collect information and make judgements through observations and review the documents.

In my career I would need to get a good education so that I can find a good paying job.In order to be an anthropologist you will need a master degree in order to be finished with collage and you will need an extra training,you will need to do alot of research.Some job need outlocks can increase annual growth rate is estimated to be 30%.In my career sometimes I can make $84,900.

Being an anthropologist is very hard work,before you can get a job make sure the job is the right career for you.In my career its very important to you that your work allows you to make decisions on your want to try out your own ideas and work with super vistion.I think I will be seccessful because all you have to do is believe in your self and think that you will never give up and that you will never fail!.Did you know that anthropologist work like forever and my estimate is that I think that they need to work like morning to night.

One thing I know for certain is that Sometimes of all that hard work you did can be

challenging,requirement,and training and demands. Think whatever it takes, then there could be a new career in your future! You never know what might happen in your future!