Assessment Week

February 1st - 5th

Iowa Assessments

Tomorrow your child will take the Iowa Assessments for the first time. The students took several practice tests to be use to the format and types of questions that will be asked. Overall, it should be stress-free for the students, with only 4 sections of the test to complete. The schedule as follows:

Monday: social studies (35 min)
Tuesday: reading and math part 1 (30 min each)
Wednesday: science (35 min)
Thursday: reading and math part 2 (30 min each)
Friday: make-ups for those that missed a test

Dr. Carenza came into each classroom, grades 3-5, to talk about the tests, what to expect and to do your very best. The students enjoyed the visit, all except for the part where he told them to go to bed at 7pm this week!

During the week of testing, families can be of additional help by:

  • Make sure your child gets proper rest
  • Make sure your child has breakfast
  • Dress your student in layers
  • Provide positive encouragement to do their personal best on the test


Iowa Assessments will be giving during our reading block, so we will not be reading out of Wonders this week. In whatever time we can squeeze in after testing we will finish up some work on questioning from last week. Last week I had the students do a questioning pretest. You might remember that we studied questioning and asking thick questions earlier in the year. Students original pretest in Unit 2 was 11%. The Unit 4 pretest was 51%!! This is great and shows that students are using what they have been taught! Next we move into author's point of view and that of the characters. The class took a short multiple choice pretest at the end of last week and scored 86%. I will be giving another assessment to get a more accurate read on where to start with instruction the week after the assessments.

Exploring Math!


We ended the week with learning about multiplication/division diagrams. Students are learning to use variable for the unknown. This week students will:

  • Compute multiplication with larger facts
  • Solve number sentences with parentheses
  • Write number stories with an unknown variable

Cherry on Top!

I would like to reward the students after some AMAZING unit writing by watching the Hallmark movie based on the book Sarah, Plain and Tall. Fingers cross there isn't a snow day this week and I will be able to show it Friday.

Students also have completed another Lucky 7 and would like to have a show and tell. This will take place the first late start in February. Students asked what they could bring. I told them anything that was important enough for them to want to share. A favorite book, medal to show their hard work work in something, a grandparent. I am hoping pets don't make the list. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will send out another reminder in the next newsletter.