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November 15, 2015

Things Change Over Time

These weeks before Thanksgiving we are learning how we have changed as time has gone by. Using the 'Little House on the Prairie' primary books, we have looked at how transportation, basic lifestyles (food, housing, how we get the thing we need), and schools were different long ago from our live today.

This week we will be looking in particular at the origins of our country, the lives of the Pilgrims and their children as they settled in this new world, and the great faith in God these early settlers held dear. On Friday we will end our unit by trying food that were a part of that first Thanksgiving, when life was very difficult.

If you would like to contribute something for that day, just let me know!

What We Are Doing in Math

We continue to practice addition and subtraction facts for sums to 7, using our flashcards as well as other activities in class. This week we are moving from counting just dimes or just pennies to counting combinations of coins. This coincides with our study of place value, and learning basic concepts of tens and ones. The students will also continue to learn strategies in solving word problems, and we will introduce Roman numerals for one and ten. Please continue to practice the flashcards at home in the evenings if your child is not yet able to automatically say the sums without stopping to count. Most of the students have gained automaticity with the cards they have now, and we will be adding new cards after Thanksgiving.

Word Wall Lists

Each student is working on a list of word wall words each week during Reader's Workshop. After taking an initial placement test, each student was assigned a list to learn. The class practices learning the words on sight and takes another quick test when they feel they are ready to move on to the next list. I am so excited to see how quickly they are learning these words, and I can already see how they are gaining confidence in reading group and in reading seatwork without my help! There are 12 lists altogether. When your child brings home a completed punchcard, let him or her read it to you! It is quite an accomplishment!

Progress Packets Coming This Week

We are soon to be halfway through the 2nd Quarter of this school year. Your student will be bringing home the assessments for Language Arts and Math we have done so far this quarter. Please look them over, sign the enclosed acknowledgment form, and send everything back to school. All assessments will be sent back to you with the next report card for you to keep. As always, I will be glad to meet with you if you have questions or concerns regarding your child's progress in first grade.

Calendar Reminders

  • November 23-27--No School--Thanksgiving Break
  • December 10--7:00--ABCA Christmas Program
  • December 18--Noon Dismissal--Christmas Break Begins