Let Them Play

By Owen Larmon

Due to injury worries parents have been pulling their kids out of football. This has caused some leagues to be completely abolished. I play youth football and the fact that some leagues are being abolished isn't good in my eyes.

As I said I play youth football, and my coaches spent just as much time teaching us how to tackle safely and correctly as they did teaching us plays. I was one of the kids that tackled with their head down,( tackling with your head down makes a greater injury risk.) and my coaches told me that I wouldn't be able to play until I stopped tackling with my head down. What I mean is that the coaches care about the kids and they don't just see them as pawn to get back at coaches or anything like that.

Firstly, there are alternatives to forbidding your kid from playing football. You may not know but the risk of injury is higher when kids are younger. This is because kids neck mussels aren't as strong as adults(Hannan, 2014). Therefore you can just wait until your kid is older and then let them play football. A good thing to do while your kid is getting older is let them play flag football(Scharz, 2010). They learn the game without all the hitting.
Another thing is, football is a great place to make friends and get a lot of physical activity. Football allows kids to meet kids that they probably wouldn't have met without football. Getting into the activity part, my team did stretches and push-ups every practice. Also we did suicides, a type of running drill where participants run back and forth between multiple places, every practice.
Finally, football gives kids good personality traits. Teamwork and cooperation are the most prominent ones, and the fact that kids have their own position on the team is a good confidence boost too. Parents would probably rather have ther kids getting their kids getting their aggression out on the field instead of their siblings.
Parents have too much to worry about. Some parents don't even go to games because of injury worries. Not only that but parents spend so much time and money going to games and paying for equipment.
Football is always getting safer. The NFL has been working on helmets that tell a coach if a hit was a concussion giving hit. There is an organization called Heads Up Football that is teaching kids how to tackle correctly(Hannan,2014). Think about isn't all of the time and money spent to make kids happy.
Football is such a great sport I can't see why parents could possibly not want their kids playing it. Football gives their kids good attributes, a lot of physical activity, and and the chance to make new friends. Also if a parent is really set on taking their kid out of football there are always alternatives,but please if you are a parent and your kid wants to play football, let them play.


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