By Erica Brantley

Activities during the Seasons


Play in the leaves.


Play in the snow


Pick flowers.


Go swimming.

Different landforms of the piedmont

The piedmont is made up of rolling hills with shallow valleys. It is called a plateau because it is mostly high and flat.

Facts about the weather

-July is the warmest month
-The highest recorded temperature was 106 F
-On average the coolest month is January

-The lowest recorded temperature was -4 F

Places to visit

-Charlotte Motor Speedway
-North Carolina Zoo
-Museums like the Discovery Place in Charlotte

Special facts about the Piedmont

-Piedmont is French for Foot of the Mountain
-The Piedmont stretches from Virginia to Alabama
-The Piedmont is home to the largest city in the State

Reasons to Visit the Piedmont

-Good weather each season
-Fun places to visit
-To visit me and my family