Producers Important Too!

Producers are vita to they ecosystem because..

Other Animals Depend On The Producers.

They are at the bottom, or primary level of the food chain, therefore all organisms higher on the food chain depend on them whether directly or indirectly.

Producers Have All The Energy You Need

Many scientists did a research about producers and found out that they have all the energy and that it is passed down to other animals that eat it and gets about 80% of their energy!

Producers Come In Different Sizes

Producers are all types of plants from small to big. Some only do photosynthesis and eat outside food or some flowers actually make their long life food with water and oxygen. From being different colors, plants collaborate in many different ways.

So What Do You Think?

Producers are important in many ways, sizes, and colors. You mate see a flower in the grass and kill it, but that one flower could change the whole ecosystem.