Diabetes Insipidus? What is that !?

All about an uncommon condition which can hit at any age

Can it affect me?

A rare condition not known to many, Diabetes Insipidus is not related to blood glucose; unlike the common type 1 type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. It occurs when the kidneys are not able to store water during the blood filtering process due to the lack of anti-diuretic hormone which controls the amount of water to be conserved by the kidney or when the kidneys are not able to respond to ADH.Lack of ADH or Central diabetes Insipidus can be caused by damage to hypothalamus or pituitary gland and can also be genetic. Failure of kidney response or Nephrogenic diabetes Insipidus can be caused by certain drugs, high calcium levels, or a kidney disease and can also be genetic. Both the types can surely affect you as Diabetes Insipidus is applicable to all age groups!

Is it curable?

Before the treatment a diagnosis is necessary for the doctors to figure out which one of the 2 types affected you which can be done by giving few tests susceptible as an MRI Scan, an Urinalysis, an Urine output test. The treatment for Central Diabetes Inisipidus is to control it by taking Vasopressin(ADH) in the form of nasal spray or tablets. The treatment for Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus is to stop the drug intake if it was caused by that and if it is hereditary,

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