Hurricane Camille

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Hurricane Camille

In 1969 Hurricane Camille hit the U.S gulf coast, the category 5 storm was one of the strongest hurricane to hit the United States(according to the National Hurricane Center it is ranked second in terms of intensity) and after it was finished Hurricane Camille caused billions of dollars in damage and it was also responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Categories of Hurricanes

Hurricanes are categorized by how much wind they are sustaining

Category 1 - 74 to 95 mph

category 2 - 96 to 110 mph

category 3 - 111 to 129 mph

category 4 - 130 to 156 mph

category 5 - 157 or higher mph

How are hurricanes formed?

Hurricanes are formed when warm moist air over water rises and is replaced by cooler airs, the cooler air will then turn warmer and start to rise and the cycle causes storm clouds to form which start rotating with high speed winds, hurricanes can sustain winds more than 74 miles per hour. Hurricane Camille was created by a tropical wave from the african coast, it then proceed to gather heat and energy because of contact with warm ocean water and evaporation from seawater increased its power making the rain heavier and the winds stronger.
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After effects of Hurricane Camille and how to prepare for Hurricanes

Hurricane Camille caused severe dune and beach erosion, left thousands of people homeless as it did around 1.42 billion dollars of damage and it was not accurately predicted what they thought would happen was some heavy rain but instead they got a category 5 Hurricane. You can prepare for Hurricanes by evacuating routes, have proper tools, supplies and first aids kits, flashlights or candles because power will go out. If you're in a low area, secure outdoor objects, have plenty of food and water for each family member, and if you are called to leave the area do so immediately.

Damage done by Hurricane Camille

Fun facts

  • When Hurricane Camille crossed Cuba it weakened slightly but then intensified very quickly
  • Hurricane Camille was only responsible for an estimated 250 deaths, which about 150 of them were because of floods caused by the hurricane
  • Before landfall Hurricane Camille's wind speed was around 60 mph
  • Hurricane Camille made the Mississippi river flow backwards