My journey in Tennessee

The Glow Run!

Running a 5k in Nashville was not how I thought it would be, I was worried about the race. Given, I have ran two years of cross country and track, but it had been a while from when I ran last. I was still taking it all in on how amazing Nashville was, but by the time I knew it, Sam, Jeannie, Maddie, and I were already on our way walking to the location of the race. It was about 7 blocks from the hotel, and took about 15 minutes to get there. About 400 people were there when we arrived. We checked our self’s in and got our shirt, glowing glasses (given it was called the glow run), and numbered tag. Half an hour before the race started, Sam and I met up with the dj and took some pictures. The race wasn't as bad as I expected it to be… until 2.5 miles kicked in while my feet were burning, legs were chafed, and I was covered in sweat. In my journey, we faced 3 bridges, those were definitely more challenging than running on the sidewalk. When I could finally see the finish line, as fast as I could, I sprinted. Accomplished I felt knowing what I had done. As I caught my breath and got some water, Sam, Mady, and Jeannie arrived at the finish line. Later, Sam and I danced at the after party and right before we left we got rainbow snow cones. On the walk back, I thought I was going to pass out! My feet hurt, I was still covered in sweat, and I just wanted to get into a nice, soft, comfy bed. For what seemed like forever, we finally made it back to the hotel. As we made it to our floor, I looked back and saw Sam crawling behind me on the floor! So, as the great friend I am, I crawled with her. Slowly but surely we walked into our room. Sam immediately hit the bed, grabbed her bag, and changed. Not even caring to get up. As I did the same, we dozed off looking into the glowing city of Nashville.
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