The life of Al Capone

By Lucas Spanjer

Al Capone's Early life.

Alphonse Capone AKA "Scarface" was born on January 17, 1899 , in Brooklyn, New York City. He was the son of Gabriele and Teresina Capone.

Al Capone had to go to school at a public school at age seven. When in sixth grade he had some trouble with school, he hated the teacher and the teacher hated him. So his teacher gave Al a hard time. Then Al got mad and decided to hit his teacher and then got expelled, after, he decided to never go back to school. Then he decided to rule the streets and be a criminal.

Capone's Crimes.

When Al Capone got mad at George Moran he invited him to a dinner, but Al Capone set it up and dressed all of his men in police suits. Once George Moran got in and sat down they locked him in his chair. Then big Al Capone came in and killed him. Once it was over they said they thought it was the cops.

Al Capone had a lot of things that he bought but instead of putting it in his name he put it in his siblings and mom and dad's name so he didn't have to pay taxes (smart!). But once he had an idea to lay low and get away from his allies and the heat that was surrounding him. Al thought if he could go to jail his popularity as a criminal would die down. Capone also thought that he could put his house in his name and not pay his taxes. After two months of not paying taxes, he had to go to court. Once he was done with court he had to go to jail, and they decided he would go to Alcatraz.

Prison for Capone.

Al Capone once carried a weapon in a movie theater and he got caught. So he had to go to a federal prison in Atlanta. In the prison he didn't want to follow the rules and decided to run a business of selling beer. He was very smart while doing it. He also put whatever he wanted to in his cell. He had a rug, desk, bed, lamp, chair and paintings.

In 1939 Al Capone was arrested on 22 counts of tax evasion. January sixth, the court judge sent Al to Alcatraz for 11 years. At Alcatraz Al was surprised by what is was like. In there he had his own cell and was locked up in a five foot by nine foot space. Once Al was in the laundry area and James Lucas went into the prison barber shop and grabbed a pair of shears and stabbed Al who was 10 feet away.

His final days.

Al Capone was in Alcatraz for ten years. Then he had a disease called syphilis, a bacterial infection. So Al left Alcatraz in the 1940's and went to a hospital to get help. But it was to late.

Al Capone died January 25, 1947. He died because of a stroke that caused a heart attack. He was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery, Proviso Township, IL.