Serpent's Shadow

By: Rick Riordan


The setting takes place in the Duat, 1st nome, 51st nome, Brooklyn House, Egypt, The Hall of Judgement, and the Land of the Demons.

Main Characters

Zia, Sadie, Carter, Julius, Amos, Ra, Bast, Bes, Taweret, and Apophis.


When the world is about to what are Sadie, Carter, and their Initiates supposed to do? Then they blow up a museum where they find Uncle Vinnie/Setne- A ghost who claims how to stop the end of the world! But to stop the end of the world they need to stop the end of Setne. Not to mention Setne is horrificly insane. To trust Setne they would have to be crazy! Well,call them crazy! A hillarious book(trust me) that you will enjoy a full 250%.Buy yours for only 40 payments of 100.59$!
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