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January 8, 2017

January JOT: QuickTime

This week begins a new JOT session for the month of January. I will be showcasing QuickTime. If you are unfamiliar, it is a recording program on everyone's laptop. QuickTime is a simple, straightforward tool that can be used in any classroom. The JOT session dates are below:

1/9 WL (Art Room)

1/11 JR (217)

1/16 AE (Art Room)

1/18 SR (217)

JOT Items in Classrooms

I know many of you are using Twitter, BreakoutEDU, and 3D printing. Here are a few examples that I noticed throughout the semester.


Mrs. Hoover and Miss O'Brien are both frequent tweeters. Be sure to check out some of the neat things that are happening throughout their days. I've also noticed Mrs. Vice and Mrs. Knox frequently "like" things on Twitter. When they "like" something, it often pops up in my notifications, so I can see some of the awesome things happening at CN without much searching!

Breakout EDU

I believe Mrs. Lundquist was the first teacher in the district to use the physical box for a session and soon after Mrs. French tried one as well. Several of my robotics team students work with Mrs. French and were very excited to share their experience with me. They did a great job reflecting on what worked and what didn't. Plus they had ideas on how to improve for another breakout session in the future.

Mrs. Fleetwood, along with other teachers, started out with a digital breakout. This seemed to be a great way to form the new way of thinking needed for a Breakout Session. Students had some frustration, but the more they worked with these digital breakouts the more their thinking changed and adapted for the task at hand.

Many of the teachers I spoke with said something similar concerning frustration levels. It was new, it challenged the student's normal thought process, some students got upset, BUT almost every student wanted to do it again. The whole idea behind BreakoutEDU is to get students to think. They may fail but that should provoke reflection on what to do next.

3D Printing

Mrs. Sprague's Speech and Debate class did a Shark Tank style project. They had to create a new Pokemon for a future game. The students designed their Pokemon in Tinkercad, I printed it, and then they presented to a panel of judges. Some of the Pokemon they created would definitely fit into the game. The most interesting part of the project, from my perspective, started when the project was announced. One student in particular reacted negatively because "Pokemon" was involved, but once he started working in Tinkercad he was immediately engaged in creation. Each time I visited the class, he wanted to show off something new that he had developed. It was really neat to watch his attitude change throughout the project.

Mrs. Hosted's class designed toys that would fit inside gumball machine capsules. They had to collect data from their classmates to help them design the toy that would be most popular in their class. After designing the toy in Tinkercad, it was printed and used as a prototype during a class presentation. Students then reflected and voted on the most popular toy. One highlight for me was the Hatchiball. It was an egg toy that had a small ball inside. An adapted version of the popular Hatchimal toy. The main issue with the Hatchiball was creating an egg that would break, while still holding a ball inside. In the end, I had to jump on it a few times, but it did crack like an egg and contained a small ball inside. It was a fantastic example of improving ideas to get them to be perfect.

JOT Sessions/ Reflection

I want to be sure that you are getting something useful out of the JOT sessions each month. So far I've covered Twitter, BreakoutEDU, and 3D printing. I plan on covering QuickTime and iMovie for January and February. If you have any ideas for topics you'd like to have covered, don't hesitate to email me. I'm also open to any ideas or thoughts you have concerning the meetings. I want to be sure that I'm making changes when necessary to better meet everyone's needs!

Kindergarten Coding

Just a reminder to Kindergarten teachers, I will be starting Code.org lessons this week. I'm looking forward to modeling this curriculum for you. If you have any questions about what to expect, feel free to reach out.

Beginning of the Semester Canvas Tips

Cross Listing (combining multiple sections of the same course)

1. Open the first section of that course in your day.

2. Copy the four digit number at the end of the URL. (web address)

3. Go back to your dashboard.

4. Open the second section of the course

5. Click "settings"

6. Click the "sections" tab

7. Click the blue section (it is the title of the course)

8. Click "cross list this course"

9. Paste the four digit code in the second box (it's a smaller box)

10. Hit enter (the course title should appear below)

11. Click the "cross-list this section" button.

12. Repeat steps 4-11 for your remaining sections of the course.

Set your Home Page

1. Click "pages" within the course

2. Click "view all pages" (if you already see a list of all of your pages, skip this step)

3. Locate the page that you want to be your home screen on the list

3. Make sure the cloud next to the page is green. Click the cloud to change it to green if needed. (this publishes the page)

2. Click the gear icon

3. Click "use as front page"

4. Go back to the course's home screen

5. On the right, click "choose home page"

6. Choose "pages front page"

Import from Content from Last Year

1. Open the course that you want to add the content to

2. Click "settings"

3. Click "import course content" (on the right)

4. Click the content type dropdown

5. Select "copy a canvas course"

6. Fill in the responses

7. Import

Note: If you select specific content instead of the whole course, the select content option will appear next to the job under the current jobs list.

Don't forget to publish your new courses!

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!