By: Veronica Roth

Novel Summary

The book "Insurgent", which is also a hit movie is the second book in the series "Divergent" all by Veronica Roth. Insurgent follows the life of Tris Prior, who is Divergent, which is forbidden in the city she lives in. Tris is trying to get the file that her mother failed to get before she died. This file contains important information that could change the entire city. Tris goes on the journey with her friends and remaining family. Jeanine Matthews the mastermind behind the whole thing is looking for Tris to experiment to find out more on her Divergence. Throughout the book there are many twist and turns that no one will ever see coming.
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Beatrice Prior (Tris)

Tris is the main character in the Divergent Series. She is originally from the Abnegation faction and changes to Dauntless faction. She faces the crime of being Divergent, which is being all the factions in her city, which is forbidden. Tris is a smart, witty, and brave girl. She lost her family, but all she has left is her brother Caleb. Tris is also in a relationship with Four. Tris's real name is Beatrice, but changes it, because most people change their name when they transfer to Dauntless

Tobias Eaton (Four)

Four is another main character in the Divergent series. He is also a Divergent person, running from the evil of the city. Four was abused by his father, when he was younger, his mother also faked her death to get away from Four's father who was extremely abusive. Four originally was from the Abnegation sector, but also switched to Dauntless to get away from his father. Four is in a relationship with Tris. Four's real name is Tobias,but changes his name to Four, because he only has four fears.

Movie Scenes

Insurgent (2015 Movie - Shailene Woodley) Final Trailer – “Stand Together”


Many people ask what are Factions or what does each one mean, here they are!


Being abnegation means to care about others more than yourself. You only wear grey and females typically wear buns.


Being dauntless means to be fearless, non-cowardly, and to take risks. You only wear all-black clothing, have tattoos, weird hair colors, and piercings. Basically there are no rules for you.


Being Erudite means your smart, love to learn, and have a love for intelligence. You only wear blue clothing and wear glasses, even if you have perfect vision.


Being Amity means you are extremely friendly, enjoy peace, and dislike war. You only wear red and yellow, it has to be bright and pleasant.


Being candor means you have to be completely honest all the time even if it could get you in trouble. You only wear black and white clothes. Females might occasionally be seen in longer skirts, but the average day is seen in black pants and white shirts


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Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth was born August 19,1988 and is famous for her collection containing The Divergent series. She was raised in Barrington, Illinois. Her parents divorced when she was about five years old, her mother has remarried to Frank Ross. She is the youngest of three children. Her brother and sister still remain in the Chicago area. Veronica has graduated from Barrington High school then transferring to a year of college at Carelton college, then transferring to another college, Northwestern University for its creative writing program. She married a photographer, Nelson Fitch in 2011. Who both is happily married in the Illinois area. She then sold Divergent series to Summit Entertainment, which came out March 2014. Then came her second book Insurgent into a movie which was released in 2015, March 18. Now her third book Allegiant coming out with two parts. Part one is scheduled to be released March, 18 2016 and Part 2 March, 24 2017.


This piece by Lorde original written and sang by Tears for Fears is tilted Everybody Wants To Rule The World. I chose this music, because Insurgent and the Divergent series is about stopping the evil in their world. It also has to do with how everyone wants power in their world how everyone wants to rule the world.
LORDE - Everybody Wants To Rule The World


This book is great, but personally if you haven't read Divergent then you should read it and then continue on with the whole series Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four. The whole series is amazing and it will get you addicted to the story. I highly recommend reading these books, especially Insurgent.