Summer & Fall Registration

El Centro College

Rising Star Students

Summer and Fall registration is happening right now. Don't miss out!

Students in Good Academic Standing:
Summer Registration Deadline - day before class starts
Fall Registration Deadline - August 20, 2016

Students on Probation, Suspension & Dismissal:
May Term Registration Deadline - May 6
Summer 1 Registration Deadline - May 27
Summer 2 Registration Deadline - July 1
Fall Registration Deadline - August 17, 2016

*Please contact your advisor if you have questions about your academic status or the registration process.

**Note: June 16 - Financial Aid Lock In Date for Summer Registration

Please make an appointment to see your advisor at Rising Star Office (214)860-2726.

Rising Star Office

Jenny Hevel............Program Coordinator
Grace Huang..........Academic Advisor (A-L)
Claudette Drake.....Academic Advisor (M-Z)
Lorita Green...........Department Assistant