Salt And Fresh Water

By Calvin

Fresh Water

Drinking water is atype of fresh water. Other things we do that involves cooking, growing crops, cleaning, and electricity. Less than 3/100 of earths water is fresh water. Almost all of earth's fresh water starts as rain or snow. Fresh water is not evenly spread over the world.

Solids, Liquids, and Gases

A solid has a different shape and volume. As a solid warms up it melts. A liquid do not have their own shape. As liquids get colder and freeze, their particles slow down and vibrate in place. Gas paricles are far apart from each other. As gas particles move quickly upward through the liquid, bubbles of gas from under the surface of the liquid.
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Salt Water

Salinity is a measure of how salty water is.

The temperature of ocean water varies from palce to place.

The oceans get salt from rivers. When ocean water in these shallow ponds evaporates, salt is left behind