Men vs. Women Formal Job Interview

By: Mike Schara, Kendall Scheel, Tasha Barrales

Four Tips all Men Should Follow (dressing for the interview)

1.) Suit Style

- Solid Color

-Avoid Double breasted coats

-Two button style cut

2.) White Shirt

3.) Black pants

4) Button Down

-Simjple and clean cut

5.) Black shoes

-black tube socks

6.) Belt

-shirt tucked in

7.) No black and brown together

Four Tips all Women Should Follow (dressing for the interview)

1.) Suit, pants, and skirts

2.) Color/Fabric

-Navy, dark gray, brown, or black

3.) Jewelry

-Not too dramatic, tasteful

4.) Shirt/Sweater

-Tailored blouse underneath jacket

5.) Shoes


-Low heeled

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