Its good to be Gronk

Rob Gronkowski

A football life

In the book Its Good to be Gronk It takes you on an adventure threw the life of a professional football player from when he was 4 to the time that he won in the 2015 super bowl. Rob grew up with 4 brothers ,Chris, Dan, Glenn, and Gord. Rob had always had a talent for football, he loved the game like his own family. Rob and his brothers grew up in Buffalo, New York In a small house there mother, Diane was always cooking for the boys becasue they never stoped eating and thats probably explaning there size. The boys dad was always keeping the boys out of trouble but, still kept the family happy and allowing the boys to have fun without doing drugs or drinking.
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Rob in the 2014 ESPN photoshoot

Robs teen years where every teens dream. Rob played football as a freshmen and played for the varsity squad in high school. Rob received over 15 letters from division 1 collages all over America but he eventually chose Arizona state. Rob said that he trained the hardest he has ever trained in the summer with his older brother before he went to college. When he did go to collage he was given a tour of the campus and met some of the teachers. He loved there football program and there staff. The next day he started to practice with the team. He found the practices to be hard at first because they didn't run the same plays as they did back in his high school But at the end of practice that day he asked to borrow the coaches play book and that changed the way that he looked at football forever. In 2010 he went to the 2010 NFL draft and was expecting to be picked in the first round of the draft by eater the Miami dolphins or the tampa bay Buceners. But he was not chosen by eater teams Instead, he was chosen in the second round by the New England Patriots. and from here on out he plays as an all star tight end.
Rob Gronkowski can't be tackled on this 46-yard touchdown (Week 8, 2014)