the health benifits of cantelope

cantaloupes vitamins and minerals

cantaloupes have many vitamins and minerals. a couple of the main vitamins in cantaloupes is vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B1. A couple of the main nutrients in cantaloupe is potassium, phosphorous , magnesium and calcium.

cantaloupes health benifits

eating cantaloupes help prevent having cancer, cardiovascular disease, cataracts and colds. It also prevents wrinkles and keeps your skin healthy.

cantleoupes, yuuuummmm

cantaloupes history

Some food historians believe that cultivation of cantaloupes date back to the Biblical period in Egypt and Greece, while others believe it was first found in Persia, Armenia, and India. This fruit, which was in Egyptian paintings dating back to the Biblical period was identified as a melon, although there was no distinction that is was a cantaloupe.

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interesting cantaloupe fact

Cantaloupe are the most popular melon in the United States!