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Mother's Day Around the World

Mother's Day is just around the corner, I can't believe it's already May! One way to push out information to students and control the websites they visit is to create a HyperDoc. A HyperDoc is a Google Doc (or slide) that is organized for students and embeds links to sites you want students to visit. The easiest way is to push this out through Google Classroom. If you send it in Google Classroom, students can each receive their own copy automatically. They can then click on the links, and write their reflections directly on the document. When they are completely finished, they can electronically turn it in via Google Classroom. You can also use this whole class (similar to the Earth Day HyperDoc that I sent out) answering one or two questions per day together as a class. Either way, I hope you enjoy! If you would like more information on how to make a HyperDoc yourself, please feel free to email me and we can set up a time.

Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy is a free website that offers culturally relevant picture books in over 30 languages. These books are offered in a variety of subject areas and are read by natives in the language. There is no app (yet) - this site is only accessible through their website www.uniteforliteracy.com. These are great to use for classroom read alouds as well as supporting other languages spoken in your classroom. K-1 classrooms with Samsung tablets can have a shortcut added to the tablet if desired.
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Kahoot - Did you know?

If you haven't already tried it, Kahoot is an awesome free student response system that is quick and easy to use. They are always coming out with new features, too! Two new features that you may not have heard of are "ghost mode" and "team mode."

Ghost mode is an alternative way to play games that (as always) is competitive and fun - but also helps reinforce learning through repetition. When you finish a game of Kahoot, you will see a new "play again" button that also contains a ghost icon. When you click on that button, the same game is relaunched. As well as your "live" class - all players are joined by their "ghosts" of the past game. The ghosts play the game alongside current players and their answers (and times) will be exactly the same as the previous game. Students will be able to compete against their "ghost" and see if their score can improve.

Don't always have enough devices in your class? Team mode is for you. Team mode has been introduced as a way to have students collaborate and work together to come up with an answer. Before you launch the game, you will see the prompt below. Choose Team Mode and students will be able create a team name and play in a group.

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Do your students like to build with Legos?

Google has partnered with Lego so you can build with Lego bricks using Google Maps as your baseplate in Chrome. A Google team in Australia first developed this as a test in 2012, but has now opened it up to everybody. Students can build their own Lego cities, build Lego versions of historical landmarks, view what others have built (from students around the world) and more. Google will assign students a "plot" of land to build on - and they can click on the map where they would like their plot to be. Super fun site - lots of potential for student use. Check it out at https://www.buildwithchrome.com/

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of you wonderful, hardworking teachers. I hope you are showered with extra hugs this week from your students. There are many freebies for teachers this week. Don't forget tomorrow after 3pm at Chipotle BOGO for teachers! Here is also a list of some freebies. If you are blocked by the iBoss filter, don't forget to authenticate.
Kid President Throws a Surprise Party for a Retiring Teacher