The School Of Witch Craft And Wizardry

Hogwarts houses

Hogwarts has four houses. Each house is unique in its own way. The four houses are

Gryffindor: colors are prison/scarlet and gold, traits are bravery nerve chivalry courage and daring, animal is a lion, ghost is nearly headless nick, and head is Minerva McGonagall and Gondric Gryffindor

Ravenclaw: colors are blue and bronze, traits are intelligence wit wisdom creativity originality individuality and acceptance, animal is eagle, head is Fillius flit wick, rowena Ravenclaw, and ghost is the grey lady

Hufflepuff: colors are yellow and black, traits are dedication hard work fair play patience kindness tolerance, animal is a badger, head is Pomona Sprout and Helga Hufflepuff, and ghost is Fat Friar

Slytherin: colors are green and silver, resourceful cunning ambition self-preservation cleverness and fraternity, animal is serpent, head is Severus Snape and Salazar Slytherin, and ghost is bloody Baron