Let´s Knockout Science!

Alejandra Schäfler, Camila Cabadas and Fernanda Cervantes

A knockout is...

A boxer´s ability to give a knockout is not necessary related to strength, weight or complexity. The way in which a boxer systematically attacks his opponent plays a key role in setting up a knockout; which is related in the way and the place the punch is given.

It is related to Chemistry because...

When a fighter receives a punch in the head potassium is ejected and calcium replaces it, causing an electrolyte unbalance. Electrolyte balance is crucial for the transition of nerve impulses from one neuron, or nerve cell, to the next. Electrolytes dissolve calcium, sodium and potassium in the body. Boxer submitted to repeated blows have difficulty to recover and their brains shuts down as a way of recovering.

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