Book Talk BY: Steph Camp


The main character in my story is Abigail. She is facing a tough life with with her mom being Sacrificed. I choose this song because it resembles my book, Abigail want the offcials to tell them what was so bad that her mom did for them to kill her, and thats the name of the song "Just Give Me A Reason"Will she find out why her mom was Sacrificed, and why she is being contained in a prison. Read The Sacrifice to find out. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNN.

Andrei Bires

Pink - Just Give Me A Reason feat. Nate Reuss by Andrei Bires


The setting takes place in prison with the city officials.

Self reflection

I really enjoyed this book i couldn't put it down. This book was very cool it lets you know how they were in the 16th century.