Misty on the rise !

BY: Maddisen Austin

Misty Copeland is the most influential female athlete. The first performance

of Misty was at the opera house and she had stress fractures in her shin but she still brought the house down. As a result Misty has a metal plate in her knee and had to relearn how to dance and she still has pain in her legs. When Misty got to the top she faced racism. Within the prejudiced ranks of the A.B.T. she was always being told that she can't but look where she is now. The first black woman to dance the swan, people call her the swan queen. In June Misty became the first black woman to be promoted to principal /best dancer with A.B.T .Misty was born in September 10th 1982 in Kansas City. Copeland took up ballet at the age of 13 in the boys and girls club. Misty grew up poor in L.A with six siblings . When Misty got her first pair of pointe shoes she burst into tears of joy. It was that moment that she knew that she was going to be big and her family supported that. This information came from V.C ,news one .com,daily worth ,

Black Swan on the Rise

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