Book clup thing By: Trey barnes

Jaren's Outpost's Healthcare

The Healthcare of Jaren's Outpost is Not very good Yet. If your bone is Broken They will give you a few bandages and a Minor Labor past, And they will try there best to fix there best to fix your broken bones.. If you need Surgery they will send someone out to try and find surgery supplies, Then they will do there best to perform Surgery. If you have cancer, The docters can't help you ,they give you a work pass, And tell you to wait for the inevatble.

The Docters

The Doctors Have to Have Minor and up, experience. Surgeons, have to be former surgeons or have had to complete school with a Doctor/- Surgeon, Card. Nurses can have little experience and up.

Dr. Chong, Dr. Micheal, And Nurse. Nix

The Doctors will do there best.

What if you die

If you die during Treatment, The Body will be cremated to prevent contamination, by Nerioux Worms. The persons family will receive 3 days Rations and a Week work Pass.