The ACTS Group Update

May 2014

Word from the Director

People sometimes ask me “how are you doing?” My response is often: “ Joyful!” How can I not be as I get to be a participant and an observer of the good work of the movement of the Holy Spirit through God’s people on a day in and day out basis. When the ACTS Group began just 18 months ago, there were many of us wondering where it would go, who would be “on board” and if there was a continuing “will to act” in the ways that bring about the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer in John 17. Well, all of those questions have been answered. We are moving in the direction of increased unity and cooperation, both within the Church as well as across the sectors of leadership in our community like education, business and government. Diverse leaders have found there “home” in interacting and working with like-minded and like-hearted leaders on kingdom advancement. Remarkable events this year like the MLK March in Red Sweatshirts initiated through City Pastors Fellowship, massive increase in the involvement in this year’s Season of Service and meetings like the one in Roseville hearing from the mayor and city officials (read below) show the diverse ways leaders are leading in a unified way. My question to you is, “how are you doing?”. As we begin these monthly updates, I invite you into being aware and being joyful in the wonderful work of God!

Jeff Kreiser, Executive Director of the ACTS Group

April Highlight: Roseville Pastors Meeting with the Mayor

On April 9th, 2014, 30 pastors and 15 county and city officials met at William Jessup University for what the Mayor of Roseville has called an "Awesome, historic meeting." The faith based community listened and then prayed as Dr. John Jackson facilitated the city officials in sharing their vision for a healthy city. Not only did they give vision they also gave their hopes and dreams for what could, should and can be.

It is so exciting to see what God is doing through the City of Roseville and across our Region. We believe it’s happening in an exponential way because of pastors’ involvement, in serving and loving our city into its destiny. It’s amazing what can happen when the body of Christ comes together in unity. This is a definite game changer, which is very exciting!

Because of this, we had an amazing opportunity to get together as Senior Pastors to hear the vision from our city officials. We became aware of the issues and projects that we could possibly partner together on regarding needs around us. We believe "The tighter the geography, the better the partnering." We are in this together to make Jesus' name great in our city and region.

Steve Lindner & Don Proctor

April 25th-May 18th: Open Nightly 7pm-9pm, Friday-Sunday (50 Groups Nightly)

On average, 99 young people between the ages of 12 and 24 die every day in the United States.
"THE 99" is a symbol based on statistics from the National Center for Disease Control.
THE 99

The 99 is a walkthrough theater that graphically reenacts the five leading causes of death in teenagers and young adults. Many of these deaths are influenced by drugs or alcohol and a vast majority of them can be avoided.
The 99 is state-of-the-art production designed to portray the very real consequences of poor decisions that claim almost 37,000 young lives every year. The production is not based on fear or scare tactics, but rather is based solely on reality with each room designed from real life situations.

Upcoming Movement Events

  • May 12th - Convergence Leaders Meeting for Strategic Review
  • May 15th- City Pastors Fellowship Luncheon
  • May 31st-June 1st- Season of Service Closing Weekend
  • June 4th- Convergence and Advisory Meetings with Kevin Palau

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The ACTS Group is…

Unified, gospel-based leaders working for transformation in the diverse communities of the Sacramento region. These leaders provide ongoing leadership and encouragement for gospel movement in communities as well as in the spheres of cultural influence of the city.