Friday Updates

November 2, 2018

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Love Notes:

  • Happy Birthday to all the October/November birthday babies!!
  • Unspoken prayer request for our students, staff and administrators
  • Oliver Dalrymple has arrived safety. His mother is also doing well. :)
  • "Generosity: A candle loses nothing by lighting another." Author Unknown

Weather Aware

Thank you to everyone for their patience on yesterday. I truly apologize for the confusion.....That mistake will not happen again. Special thanks to our support staff....... they adjusted fast and never missed a beat!!

This is a great time to encourage our families to downtown our system's app and always check our web page. (Mike does a great job with the updates)

Healthcare Watch

Use products safely

Do not mix cleaners and disinfectants unless the labels indicate it is safe to do so.

Trust our healthcare team….

Career Coach

Mrs. Emily Crisler - Your Bridge to the Next Level!!

♦ Represent the Career Coach Program in local high school and conduct public relations efforts to promote the CTE programs

♦ Provide career development guidance for high school student with emphasis on technical programs

♦ Plan and implement student recruitment activities for technical programs

♦ Assist prospective students with career exploration activities and career assessments

♦ Assist prospective students with admissions and financial aid and resignation procedures of college

♦ Provide guidance to students regarding career choices

♦ Conduct high school classroom presentation promoting college and career programs and activities

C/T Forecast:

o National Leadership Convention for CHS & CHHS FFA in Indianapolis-Oct 24-27 #JUSTONE

o Alabama JLDC Joint Leadership Development Conference December 3-4 #LEAD

Harlem Globetrotter Fun Video
  • Advanced Art Students
  • Students display their interpretations of the famous epic poem The Odyssey by Homer
  • Exhibition will be up at CHHS library Oct 15- Nov. 9
  • Miss McKinney will have more details
  • The play "Annie" had a great opening night.... You still have time to get your tickets!!

Deputy Booth and Hammer visited LES for Red Ribbon Week

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NWSCC Upward Bound

Math & Science

Tutoring, Thursdays 3-5

Student with 2.5 GPA should apply

The students get paid per hour to attend

NWSCC Business Competition

Ashlyn Brown - 2nd Place Advertising Design

Kerigan Mardis - 1st Place PowerPoint

Family Engagement/Communication

  • Parents’ engagement in young children’s learning is associated with improvements in children’s literacy, behavior, and social-emotional well-being (Committee on Supporting the Parents of Young Children et al. 2016).
  • Offer learning experiences for families, such as connecting families to online classes and resources, and family nights where guest speakers and families share their insights on topics of interest and need.
  • The National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement reminds professionals, “Learning can also deeply influence families’ feelings about themselves, their abilities, and their future goals and actions.”

ESL Edge and Updates

  • ESL students take the ACCESS test every year.
      • This is how English growth is measured.

      • Tests in 4 areas--

        • Listening, Speaking, Reading, & Writing

      • Students exit the ESL program when they score 4.8 on a scale of 1.0-6.0.

Colbert County Reporter

  • Every Friday, our students and staff are the paper..doing something awesome!! Check them out!!..
  • Please, please, please check out your local hometown paper…..
  • May I encourage you to renew your subscription because students from our district will be writing and editing for each distribution

Another great partnership!!

Fine Arts:

  • Annie

November 1-3 (public); November 5-7 will be for school groups

  • Art Students

Will be completing window art at the central office. The art work will remind up until after the holidays.

  • Band Students (CCHS & CHS)
  • Payment 1 for the Disney World trip.

Special Olympics Competition - November 6

  • Our students will compete at Muscle Shoals High School. Best of luck to each athlete..


  • CHS and CHHS both won their games Friday Night..... We are headed to the playoffs!!
  • CCHS will play Lauderdale County, tonight.
  • Testing/Assessment:

    Teacher Grade Books Board Policy 5.51

    Grade book(s) shall be kept current (within five (5) days of giving an assignment)

    And in the teacher’s possession and readily available.

    Iron Bowl Celebration---Giving Back to Our Community

    • Macaroni and Cheese donations (Alabama/Auburn) will be going on through November 16th.

    • The team with the highest donation of mac & cheese will win. (War Eagle)

    • Don't forget to dress up in your favorite team gear!!

    • Donations will go to Sydney Safe & Salvation Army.

    Alabama Farm to School Initiative

    Colbert County Schools Strives to support the Alabama Farm to School Initiative. Recently (October 24, 2018) schools in Colbert County participated in Apple Crunch Day. Students took a big bite into a local apples. Kids and adults from North Alabama to South Alabama joined in the fun of crunching apples grown by Scott’s Orchard in Hazel Green, Alabama. Scott's Orchard supplies schools across the state with locally grown apples. Pictures were taken of students crunching into the apples.

    Other locally grown foods that we are serving in our schools is sweet potatoes that were grown in Cullman Alabama and grape tomatoes that were grown in South Alabama.

    We (CCS) are constantly listening and watching for locally and/or Alabama grown fresh fruits and vegetables that we can purchase to serve to our students. We know that if they learn to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables at a young age that they likely will develop good and healthy eating patterns that they can take with them throughout their lives.

    Thanksgiving Meal Schedule

    • Nov. 7th CHES
    • Nov. 8th CCHS, CES, CHES
    • Nov. 9th NBES
    • Nov. 13th HES
    • Nov. 15th LES, CHHS, CHS

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

    Monday, Nov. 5th, 5-7pm

    800 George Wallace Boulevard

    Muscle Shoals, AL

    Free help and support......

    Student Support Services

    County-wide Geography Bee

    Thursday, Nov. 15th, 8:15pm

    800 George Wallace Boulevard

    Muscle Shoals, AL

    Red Ribbon Week

    "Thank you so much for letting us have a popcorn party at your schools for a Red Ribbon Week activity! We appreciate your support and the help from your staff with popping, bagging, and handing out all the popcorn. It was A LOT of popcorn..... I feel like the students really enjoyed it." Kaci Cagle
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    School Board Members:

    Thursday, Nov. 15th, 6pm

    355 County Road 61

    Florence, AL

    o Whole Board Training

    § November 15th ; Lauderdale County Board of Education Annex

    o Completion of your profile survey is requested by November 6th

    § The profile is online:

    Education Foundation

    Fall 2018 Payroll Deduction Fundraiser

    For every person who donates to the education foundation through payroll deduction, before December 1st, 2018, will be entered into a random drawing for a one-time $500.00 Classroom Grant.

    Let's do this..... Please!!

    Education Update 200 Alabama Bicentennial

    Stay up to date on statewide educational news, discover diverse resources for teachers and administrators, and request an AL200 flag for your school to participate in the Alabama Bicentennial celebration.

    Alabama Bicentennial Summer Institutes are part of the state’s ongoing bicentennial celebration. “Since our summer institute program began in 2017, we have equipped more than one thousand educators with an array of new ideas and techniques to enhance their students’ understanding of Alabama history,” said Dr. Susan DuBose, bicentennial education coordinator. The programs are facilitated by master teachers and content specialists and focus on topics ranging from early statehood to voting rights to agriculture and industry and beyond. To register and for more information, visit or contact Susan DuBose at or (334) 353-4692.

    Grants for Art Supplies for 2019

    The Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts announces that applications are now being accepted for grants for art supplies for 2019. The program is designed to assist art teachers with special programs that require items not included in their existing budgets. The program is intended for art instructors for elementary and middle school students.

    Teachers are encouraged to apply for projects that include multi-disciplinary topics, as well as joint initiatives such as artists-in-residence with other organizations such as the Alabama Arts Council. All participating schools will be invited to display their art work at Arts Alive 2019.

    To apply, copies can be obtained from the Kennedy-Douglass Art Center web page (, under Art Education Grants. The completed application should be submitted by email or paper copy by December 15.

    This grant is made possible by the Kennedy-Douglass Art Center Volunteers, a non-profit organization using proceeds from Arts Alive and other fund raising events.

    University of North Alabama

    Office of Alumni Relations for UNA

    The 5th annual UNA First Friday event, which will take place on Friday, November 2nd from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. This is a great way to promote the UNA Alumni Association to the Shoals community.

    Next Level of Instruction:

    Environmental Scans AND OBSERVATIONS

    7 Habits of Highly "Affective" Teachers

    1. Find joy in others success
    2. Cultivate perspective and reframe
    3. Ditch the easy caricature
    4. Explore the ethics of teaching
    5. Embrace Humility
    6. Value intellect
    7. Maintain passion and playfulness


    Tuesday, Nov. 20th, 11am-1pm

    Colbert County Courthouse Square Historic District, Tuscumbia, AL, USA

    Tuscumbia, AL



    Daylight Savings Time Ends

    Sunday, Nov. 4th, 9pm

    This is an online event.

    turn your clocks back 1 hour

    2018 Veterans' Day

    Monday, Nov. 12th, 9pm

    Colbert County School District, AL, USA


    No school for students nor staff. Celebrate a veteran....say thank you!!

    Thanksgiving Break

    Monday, Nov. 19th, 8am to Friday, Nov. 23rd, 5:15pm

    Colbert County School District, AL, USA


    Stay safe, enjoy family and friends..