Digital Scrapbook

Sara S. B Block

November 26, 1862

This is my first time writing in my diary. I thought It would be fun to start one because I love to write. Maybe when I'm older I can look back at this diary. Today I read my sister some books. She likes it when I read to her. I actually don’t mind it that much.Charlotte, one of our slaves, made us some candy. It was very good. I shared some of mine with my mom when I talked to her today. Mom and I like to talk to each other about lots of things. Today I told her that I was starting my diary. I think she liked the idea. I told Mary about my diary also. She told me that she keeps one too. Anyways, I hope someday I can look back at this diary see what I thought as a child.

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This is a picture of the house I live in. I will only have a few of my own photos in my diary, since they are hard to produce.

July 4, 1863

Today is the Fourth of July. It feels different now that we are part of the Confederate States of America. I know it must be even harder for our slaves. We are having a barbeque.It is so lonely without father and brother here, they are fighting in the war. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued since the last time I wrote. I wonder if our slaves are going to leave. We don’t mistreat our slaves, we treat them very kindly. I really miss father and brother. Brother and I like to talk together. I prefer to talk and play with him over my sister. Anyway, I hope father and brother come back soon.

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Here is a picture of our slaves taking care of the plantation. I have been interested in taking more pictures lately.

October 10, 1863

Today I found out that my father had died in the battle of Fort Wagner. I don’t know much of how, but I hope he is in a better place. My brother was also wounded, so hopefully he gets better. I already miss dad so much. At least the Confederacy won and father was fighting for what he believed in. There were more Union casualties than Confederate, but it really hits home once you realize a family member was one. I hope my brother will heal and get better and that we can all stay safe.
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This is a picture of Fort Wagner from the newspaper Harper's Weekly.

November 27, 1863

Today, my brother, Martin, passed away. I found out that he had gangrene. I loved talking with Martin. Now that he is gone, I don’t feel whole. He will be missed greatly. I've been trying to read a little bit more, to try to not think of my father and brother. It makes me sad everytime I think about it. I've been reading newspapers lately to learn more about what is going on during the war. Hopefully there will not be more deaths in my family, because I am in such despair. I can’t even imagine how sad mom is. She probably misses dad and brother so much more than I could ever know.

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This is piece of the newspaper I recently read.

January 1, 1865

South Carolina had been burned to smithereens. Why can’t we all just get along? I obviously know that we have a different view from the North, but I wish that we could all be in agreement. South Carolina is ruined. Lots of things have been burned.

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This is an excerpt I read from Harper’s Weekly about Sherman’s March.

April 9,1865

Today the Confederates surrendered. I feel a sense of defeat, I lost my father and my brother in this war, so it means a lot to me. At least they were fighting for what they believed in. Our slaves ended up staying with us for a little bit, but most have since left. Charlotte did stay with us though. I wonder what the future will hold for my family, friends, and this country. Now that we are united as one nation now, you never know what will happen in the future.
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Heres my drawing of our new flag.