FDR and the NEW DEAL

By Nate Fernandes

So what is the new deal?

The new deal was a series of programs creating jobs, which F.D.R. helped establish, to get America out of the depression. Some involved painting murals, others were work camps where various tasks could be performed for a salary.

Painting Murals


The government paid many artists to paint murals on the outside of post offices and other government buildings. It was all part of the effort to get America back on it's feet. Over 3,700 artists were employed across the country and in total they painted about ninety-seven paintings but sadly their funding ran out after six months.

One of the murals titled Baseball at Night


The agricultural adjustment act of 1933 tried to adjust the production of dairy product, wheat corn , cotton, hogs ,and rice. Soon it was declared unconstitutional and was not passed. A new program was created where rewards were also granted to farmers who didn't overplant and conserved soil. Over two million dollars was given to these farmers along with many other things and over eleven million of this was funnelled into Texas. This was one of the other ways Texas was benefitting from the new deal. Texan farmers conserved soil in over thirty ways some of which were terracing , building dams, contouring, pasture sodding and planting trees. The Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation Service helped put these plans into action after they absorbed the original company: The AAA or Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Yet in 1930 each county elected three farmers as representatives to help them with conventions and to get their point across to other counties and the ASCS.

Social Security and the NRA

Believe it or not Social Security was created as one of the new deals on August fourteenth 1935. It was meant to help those who didn't have wages or were out of a job. It started out as an organization with no office nor any workers but it slowly grew into what it is today.

The NRA(National Recovery Act not National Rifle Association) was another New Deal that encouraged people to join the working class instead of sitting around all day. It also encouraged job openings and hoped to balance the economy but was soon declared unconstitutional by violating separation of powers.

Questions and Wrap Up

Although I only told you about four of the New Deals there were actually about ten more, some of which were declared unconstitutional but fifteen were kept and used.


1. What year was Social Security established and what was its purpose?

(A) Social security was established in 1935 and it's goal was to help people with no current salary or job. Although it changed throughout the years to become what it is now.

2. How many Deals were there in TOTAL including unconstitutional ?

(an approximate number)

(A) There were about 13-16 not many sources have them all because many of them were declared unconstitutional and terminated.